Sunday, October 30, 2011

My 2nd Halloween Costume - Gladiator Girl

red capes are awesome! from the back I look like a wonder woman =)

Happy Halloween readers!

I bought my costume online at I had to get it altered because the small was so big from waist down. I love the costume though! Three of our friends did an ancient roman and greek theme costume. There was a gorilla with a bikini and a tutu, a guy from the hangover with the baby, a slutty unicorn, a convict, a pilot with a gifted angry bird costume and more!

The red cape is my favorite part. I altered the skirt really short so I had to wear spandex shorts underneath. The cape totally shielded my bum in case I ever had a wardrobe malfunction. I forgot to put my arm bands on while I was modeling the costume. They are hard to put on by oneself so I had my friend tie it for me before we left.

I had such a great time with my friends last night. I got some major bruising on my right thigh due to a silly slapping game the previous night. I put concealer on it and it hid the bruises pretty well. If you know me well, I always get injured somehow when massive amounts of alcohol is involved lol. Oh did I mention, I lost my voice as well and I went to work with 4.5 hours of sporadic sleep but felt pretty great? Yeah, I don't know how I do that to myself..


  1. Both costumes look great. Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Your costumes look really nice! Hope you had an amazing Halloween - get rest soon :)

  3. Aw such a great costume! Love it!
    Hope you have/had a great halloween!
    Bella xo

  4. You look so great in that costume! It fits you so well!

  5. Great costume! It's very flattering on you :)

  6. I just saw this. Oh wow.. a cute Asian gladiator girl. Very hot!! :-)


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