Thursday, October 13, 2011

Upgraded White Shirt and Jeans Look

Hello readers! This is my first time using my new tripod. So far I'm going to use it in the comfort of my own room. When I feel more comfortable, I will take it outside my yard or something. I figured you guys deserved some better pictures.

Also, welcome to my room guys! LOL. My room isn't that big and therefore I don't have a lot of room to take photos. So it's either near my bed or by my closet doors.

These are my Christian Louboutin pumps - my one and only pair (so far). They are the Christian Louboutin Fifi 100mm in turquoise metallic suede. I purchased them at Holt Renfrew in June 2011. I wear heel grips on the back and gel insoles to keep my feet from flying out of them when I walk. I plan to get a second pair soon in black. Which style am I going to get them in? Not sure yet.

I made an outfit with these shoes......

And my Forever 21 gold chain necklace....

And my Aldo clutch.

With these 3 glam accessories. I will dress up a plain outfit.

When you hear the term "white tee and jeans", you often think of a boring plain jane look. Well not for me! There's a few things you rarely catch me in as well: bright colours, pink, runners, yoga pants, or a hoody (unless I'm at the gym and I do a combination of all those haha).

Here's my upgraded version of a "white shirt and jeans" look.

Suzy Shier blouse, 7 for All Mankind "The Skinny" jeans, Christian Louboutin Fifi 100mm, Aldo clutch, and Forever 21 necklace.

Oh look. It's the notorious "I look like a pigeon blogger pose" LOL.

Okay all jokes aside...I really made the effort to take these photos. It got so hot in my room and I almost wanted to stop taking photos (because 98% of the photos I took sucked).. but I continued because of you guys <3 I mean.. if people cared to visit my website 10,000 times in a span of a month for a faceless fashion blogger - they must think I'm somewhat interesting (I think I'm pretty boring sometimes). Anyways, I really appreciate all my readers support =)

Mmmm... Yeah, I'm still keeping my sunglasses on in pictures for now. Not too comfortable in my own skin yet. If you really want to know what I look like, there's one post with my face on it somewhere.


  1. wooot!! so popular. I love your poses, sooo cute <3

  2. thanks sheila! you are the one i give credit to =) thanks for helping get started and convincing me that i can get off my lazy butt and do it xoxo

  3. love this look and grats on 10,000!!!
    and THANKS FOR UPDATING EVERYDAY LOL. that is actually one of the reasons why i love your blog haha

    - m

  4. Your pictures look amazing and your outfit is fabulous!! I love the color and pattern of your bed :)

  5. Awesome outfit! I'm so jealous of your CLs! Are they comfy? How do you keep the red sole clean?

  6. m - thanks hun! i'm glad i interest you =)

    Lori - i appreciate the compliments =D i love black and white stuff hehe.

    MizzJ - aww no need to be jealous. i got them on sale so I ain't baller. They aren't that comfy. I can't take them clubbing (i'm scared i'd break the stick skinny heel). Also there's no way to keep the red soles clean. Once I wear them down a lot, I will get them resoled with a red vibram rubber sole =) but i'm no where near that stage of wear yet.

  7. Hey Kerri, I love your room and your shoes!

  8. eep! kooty commented on my blog. i feel special =)

    i'm following your blog through google now. i've always admired your mentality about exercise and health. i recently started working out at a gym. i'm no where as close to what you have achieved/maintined.

    i was gonna comment on your blog but i couldn't really figure it out. i guess i have to sign up for wordpress.

    much love xoxo

  9. Ehmagawd! I saw those at Holt's last year too. I think they were actually on sale in my size, but I never considered it because I could never walk in such thin stilettos. They look awesome. I love the process of purchasing and trying on Louboutins than actually wearing them hahahahaa.

  10. they are like 0.5 bigger for me so i put insoles and heel grips in and they work. i can't run or dance in them tho cuz it's not super comfy. okay for dinners and stuff. yeah i'm scared im going to snap off the heel one day.

    are you getting anymore louboutins to your collection?

  11. wow those louboutin pumps are beautiful!! love how you paired it with the tights and the blouse too!

  12. Amazing CL shoes! The shape of the shoe and the heel are just so perfect :)

    And don't worry, I'm camera shy too.


  13. I want to get some nude pumps, maybe Mary Janes so that it'll stay on my feet LOL. You? Btw, do you get your Loubs at Holts or the States?

  14. ohhh Mary Janes seem cute. I haven't found one yet. I was thinking of getting the CL Yo Yos because of the peep toe and it's not super duper high. Perhaps in a black kid leather. I only have one pair of CL lol. I think I would just buy them here at Holts because if I bought them in Seattle or Bellevue, I would just have to pay tax on them anyways.. unless they had a really cool style Holts didn't get. I never even looked at the CL look book. I'm sort of intimidated going to the shoe section of Holts sometimes lol.

    I tried to go to Portland to get CL ones. Apparently you have to order them in at Nordstrom, they don't even have a section for them! no one in Portland does except for a store called David(s) or something but their styles are so limited. super fail for Portland... they were no tax too =(

  15. Love, love, love the shoes!!! Louboutin's are my absolute favorites... *butterflies*
    Bella xo


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