Friday, September 30, 2011

Lint Ball Shaver from Daiso

Remember this thing I bought from my Daiso Haul post? I used it and I love it! This little machine needs 2 AA batteries. There is a clear cap over the shaving unit for storage and safety.

I tried the Lint Ball Shaver on my Forever 21 knit leggings. I love these leggings because they had pockets on the back and asymmetrical stitching on the thighs and knees. After several wears, the knit material balled up with lint and it looked ugly so I forgot about them and haven't worn them since.

Close up of the lint balls prior to de-fuzzing.

Before (top) and after (bottom) picture. This shaver does a good job. It has never made any holes in my clothing so far.

Look at how much lint it collected! It's amazing and I couldn't stop poking at the big ball of lint after.

The lint balls collects a lot of dust as well. This picture is pretty gross. But this came from JUST doing these knit leggings. I've also used it on my Wilfred winter cashmere/wool coat and a pair of nylon leggings.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase and this is a great item.

Gift Bag items from sponsors!

Here's all the stuff I received from sponsors from the Vancouver Bloggers Event.

I will review these products in my future posts after my laser eye surgery and 2 week recovery. Perhaps I can squeeze a few reviews in before Tuesday.

Vasanti gave me a lipshine in Caribbean and a blush in Rockies

eBeauty gave me these artificial French tip nails

Nail Polish Canada gave me 2 Soulstice Spa nail colours in Crete and Montreal
eBeauty also included a nail art and stencil kit

Annabelle threw in a bunch of eye make up which included a smudge eye liner in Oh My Goth, an eye shadow pencil in Licoriche, a Smudge Paint eye make up in Tar and a Big Show mascara in Black.

Artie threw in Japanese Cherry Blossom face masks and Shi Nail gave a free Paraffin Nail Treatment

Marcelle gifted me with a Hydra-C Radiance Gel moisturizer and a Soothing Cleansing Water

Amore Pacific gave me various samples of Korean beauty supplies to try such as eye treatment gels, rejuvenating serums, creams, enzyme peels and masks.

Thank you sponsors! I'm excited to try all these new products out.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vancouver Blogger Event 2011

I went to the Vancouver Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger Event at Sanafir on Tuesday, September 27th. I was honored that Sheila, from MaddyLoves, invited me to this - even though my blog was only 2 weeks new and with a couple of posts! I want to thank Sheila for taking the time and effort for organizing such an event at such at a lovely restaurant and take home good bags for all from various sponsors.

Oh So Vonnie, There's Something About Kerri, Alison*Elle and her friend and StyleLove

Photo credits belong to Maddyloves. Please visit her blog for more pictures of that night and detailed make up reviews/tutorials.

Then here are my photos of the night of the yummy food we ate. Oh So Vonnie and I shared a platter, curry lime mussels and complimentary dessert! Yums! Visit Oh So Vonnie's blog for posts about getting clothes and accessories for great deals and her awesome style.

The gift bags! I will take a picture of everything I received in my next post because it's late at night and the lighting is not as good in my room at the moment. Thanks to the two representatives who made it out last night from Vasanti Cosmetics and Nail Polish Canada. I will reviewing your products soon. So stay tuned readers.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I signed up for a Formspring account and the link is on the right side bar. You can ask me questions about anything. You can give me suggestions of what you want to see for future posts on my blog as well. Perhaps you want to know more about me? You can do that all anonymously on Formspring :)

A Trip to H&M

Hey guys! Sorry I missed a couple of days of blogging. I've been sick recently but I'm almost recovered now. I guess there is a bug going around because a lot of my friends are sick as well.

So I dropped by the Lougheed Mall H&M store on Tuesday. I wanted to find the items on the post I made earlier. I only found 2 items out of that list. I really like the H&M at Lougheed Mall because it's smaller. Which means, less people! So my size (sz 4-6) is usually available. They have a better selection of sizes and sale items compared to the Pacific Center location at the moment. However, they don't have as much stock.

Forever 21 cardigan and tank, Urban Planet leggings, Tory Burch flats, Louis Vuitton Trevi PM bag

That was my outfit to go shopping. I'm slowly retiring my Balenciaga bag for the Fall/Winter because of heavy rain. The Louis Vuitton Trevi PM was my Holy Grail bag a long time ago. I bought the bag right on the next day after a personal achievement that occurred on July 4, 2008 (it was Independence Day - how ironic). The Trevi is great in the rain because it's a textured canvas material. I spilt a Tim Hortons coffee inside the red velvet lining once and I was so scared I stained the bag. However, the stain was easily removed with a damp towel - yay! And it looked like new after.

Notice the colour scheme for the clothes I wear? Yup! It's only neutrals, black and white for me. These are the items I narrowed it down to. In the end I only bought 3 things, the pink/white tunic on the far left, the cream lace top 2nd from the left and the white/black flower blouse.

I loved this blouse because it covers the bum - so I can wear it with leggings. I had to get it in a size 6 because in the size 4, it didn't pass the "hug" test. This is the test I use to decide whether a top would be too tight in the shoulders/chest area. If I can't give a pretend hug to someone comfortably, that means I won't be comfortable driving and doing other stuff. The top was $39.95.

This top was on sale for $15 (from $34.95). I don't think it's a dress because it's too sheer. So I wore it as a tunic. It looks bad in the photo but this top would look better with a waist belt.

I love this cropped long sleeve lace top. The design is very intricate and the back has buttons along the back. I plan to pair it with high waisted shorts. I don't plan to wear it with jeans because it makes me look stumpy. Also, note to self: Don't wear leggings to try on clothes. Nevertheless, there are plenty of sizes for this top at this H&M location. This was $29.95.

The bow blouse I was hoping to buy but I didn't because I think it is too short. I should have tried it on with skinny jeans. I'm bending down in the photo because I don't want you guys to see me in just leggings (fashion faux pas if your top doesn't cover your bum for leggings!!). The top was made out of polyester. I'm not a fan of 100% polyester clothing because it snags easily (from experience). This top was $29.95.

I love the look of this top but when I turn to the side, it makes me look pregnant. I didn't buy this but I love the neckline and the sleeves. This was $34.95.

This silver blouse is really drapey and it has specks of silver shimmer within the fabric. This blouse was a maybe. It was $29.95.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Nail Art - gold shimmer and white flowers

I was playing around with the new gold shimmer nail polish and the flower stickers. I never used these stickers before and when I took them out with my fingers, I ripped the sticker lol. They give you a stick to carefully take out the sticker and apply it to your nails.

The gold shimmer nail polish was a little bit gloopy than what I'm used to. The tip of the applicator is really thin. It makes it easier to apply each fleck of glitter better. I like how the handle is really long.

My first try at this shimmer nail polish. It dried really slow.

Then I added the sticker - which you can tell I ripped in half by accident. The silver jewel doesn't stay on the flower so you have to secure it with a clear top coat as well.

The finished product after 2 top coats. I found that it's cuter if you decorate 1-3 nails on each hand as opposed to all the nails to avoid looking tacky and too girly.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

List of Things I Want from H&M

I was bored so I was browsing the USA H&M website. I stumbled upon some items I want to buy. I think I'll drop by on Tuesday to try to find these items. I went last Friday and it was so busy in the change rooms. I had to resort to trying on a pair of shorts on top of my jeggings in front of a mirror - how ridiculous. All the prices are in USD but I'm sure the prices are either the same or close enough in CAD.
Long line printed blouse for $34.95
Blouse for $29.95
Blouse for $9.95 - I saw it in a rust colour in store but I did not like it
Faux leather/knit pants for $24.95
Knit headband for $4.95

Also, I heard you can get a H&M coupon through a magazine.
What magazine and where can I get this guys? Anyone know?

My Daiso Haul

In Daiso, there are some things that are worth it for $2 and others that are over priced for $2. Nevertheless, I purchased these 5 items for $2 each.

I bought the pill remover because I read Cocoa Bee's positive review on it from her blog. This machine gently shaves off the fuzz on your clothing and makes them look brand new. I'm excited to try this on my sweaters, nylon leggings and my work out pants. I think it's totally worth it for $2.

I bought a set of two thicker lashes as well. I think the sets of 2 are worth it for $2 but the single pairs for $2 isn't really worth it to me. On a side note, the selection for lashes at Daiso improved when I last went. Before they only had "natural" lashes and not much of the dramatic ones. I bought a pair of those "natural" lashes and they hurt to put on and they were too short and sparse. Those lashes looked like my regular lashes. I think they were made for girls with more "asian eyes" - aka short/sparse eyelashes that point downwards. Anyways, I can't wait to try out these thicker lashes out.

Finally! They do exist! I found the stickers you stick to your nail and leaves the tip exposed as a guide for the perfect french tip. I blogged about the existence of these on my nail polish collection post. Daiso had a package of 40, 96 or 120 stickers for $2. Obviously I chose the package with 120. I can't wait to try these as well. Now to find the perfect opaque light pink nail polish for my french manicure that doesn't streak - what do you ladies use? Any recommendations? Since I had no luck finding these stickers anywhere else, I think it's a steal for $2.

Lastly, I bought nail stickers and a gold shimmer nail polish. These weren't really worth it for $2 but whatever. It was convenient.

Daiso has a wide selection of nail stickers. Most of them I found tacky (pink hearts, butterflies, colourful stuff, etc) but these simple white flowers were pretty subtle. However, there is only one sheet of stickers.

The gold shimmer nail polish was so pretty. I was looking for one with bigger flecks of sparkles as well. However, the bottle is small at only 10mL (I could have bought a bigger bottle from Forever 21 for $3).

Overall, sometimes you pay for convenience and sometimes it's a steal. I'll review these items individually when I have the chance to use them.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Modern Tweed Jacket

Forever 21 jacket, Wilfred tank top, Citizen of Humanity jeggings, Zara flats, & Balenciaga Giant City

It's so humid in Vancouver these past 2 days. However, I'm in love with this tweed jacket I found at Forever 21. It's very Chanel-esque. The waterfall neckline gives the tweed jacket a modern look. The jacket can still be purchased in store and online here.

It's okay to mix and match different prints/fabrics

My only accessory for the day - a simple diamond heart necklace

Being silly in a sun visor hat hahaha. I should totally buy this for driving.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Nude Nails

I painted my nails today in a deep nude colour from Joe Fresh called nude (obviously lol).

Also I had to finish these bad tasting green grapes that were not sweet.

Yeah this post was pretty random but the weekend is here and my friend is going to pick me up soon for karaoke so I should really get a move on it. Bye readers =)
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