Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kerri Wears Colour

I'm branching out and I bought colourful pants.  I decided that the only way I can join in with the bright pants club is if I wear cropped pants.  That way, my legs look longer so it doesn't make me look like a tree stump.  

I bought these red-orange pants from Suzy Shier for $22!  It was a good find.  My friends all think the pants are red but I honestly see a tinge of orange.  They fit very well in comparison to my Aritzia T. Babaton Elliot pants.  They come in black, red-orange, khaki and white.  They are a great substitute for my T. Babaton pants if you don't want to spend $95.  The Suzy Shier ones are slightly shorter than the Aritzia ones.  These pants are super stretchy and they fit a size too big.  I'm wearing them in a size 1 when I'm naturally a size 3.   And no, the gym didn't pay off that quick so I'm sure I didn't go down a dress size lol. 

A group of us decided to go Downtown to have a drink at a Korean establishment. This is what I wore tonight: 

Wilfred cardigan (old), Wilfred Madeline tank (old), Suzy Shier pants,
 Christian Louboutin Simple 100 and Balenciaga Giant City in Papyrus (similar)

I also bought the infamous $12.95 sheer white with gold buttons blouse from H&M and a white gauzy scarf from Forever 21 for $7.80!  I'm pretty proud that I wasn't spending much on clothes lately.  Even if I did break my shopping ban (my friend is saying "I told you so" right this moment), it was was broken with great pieces that are economical. 

Up close and personal:

Tomorrow I'm going to a club Downtown and I'll be wearing emerald green shorts! Yup!  You'll be seeing more color soon!  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review - Deborah Lippmann Polish Remover Finger Mitts

I got a Debroah Lippmann "The Stripper to Go" Polish Remover Finger Mitt as a sample in one my orders from Nail Polish Canada I did a while back.  I'm not a nail polish person because I never find the time to do my nails.  And when I do, I somehow don't have the time to wait for them to dry so I ruin them during the process of putting on my clothes...Then I get angry and end up removing the nail polish.

For example, I was putting on some nail polish on the weekend and I didn't strategically think it through.  So I end up putting on 6 coats of OPI Divine Swine on each nail (it's glittery so it needs lots of coats to be a solid colour).  After finishing those excessive layers of nail polish, that is when I brilliantly realized that I did not like the look.  What a waste of time.

So I remembered I had this nail polish remover mitt from Deborah Lippmann.  I was saving it for a time I had to remove something really tedious like glitter nail polish!  Let's see how well it took off my glitter nail polish.

I realized I would never wear this glitter polish alone.  Maybe just over top a fuchsia nail polish.  It's just too bling and pink for me.  

The mitt is very moist.  I suggest quickly removing your nail polish because it's not as effective when the mitt is dried out. 

Overall, the finger mitt did a great job removing the stubborn glitter nail polish.  Without the mitt, I know I would have taken more time to remove the glitter.  I would only use this to remove stubborn designs or glitter nail polishes because it doesn't seem worth to use on everyday nail polish.  This is a great product to use if you are rushed for time or in a hurry to take off your nail polish. 

You can buy Deborah Lippmann "The Stripper to Go" Polish Remover Finger Mitt at Nail Polish Canada.  They come in a box of 6 individually packeted finger mitts for $12.00.  

Also, don't forget to enter to win a watch for my blog giveaway.  I only have 16 entrees so far.  Therefore, your chances of winning could be pretty high :) 

Monday, March 26, 2012

GIVEAWAY - Silver Chronograph Watch

I'm so thankful for all the people who take the time read my blog. I love this hobby of mine. It just started off as a creative outlet to document my fashion and beauty acquisitions. I have no intention to make a living off this nor making it big in the blogging community. However, I cannot deny that this blog helped me do things I never thought I would be doing, such as: networking with other bloggers in Vancouver, attending fashion shows, attending launch parties, receiving free clothes in exchange for modeling shots, receiving beauty supplies in exchange for a detailed review and so much more.

So as I promised, I will be doing a blog giveaway to celebrate reaching 100,000 hits or 100 subscribers (which ever came first).I'm giving away a brand new elegant silver watch with rhinestones from Roots. It is the Roots City Glam watch. This watch is no longer on the Roots website. I'll do my best to describe it. The band is adjustable and the silver band is shiny and matte. The diameter of the face is 40mm across so it is an oversized watch look. It retails for $135. It is mercury and nickel free. Comes with a pebbled leather box. More details about this watch here. I took some photos (just ignore the white paper that lay in between the watch straps), I think they are there just to ensure that the watch is new and to reduce rubbing.


- Deadline Saturday, April 14th before 11:59pm PST
- I will email you the following day and you have 48hrs to confirm to the email or the prize will be redrawn for another winner
- I will ship this anywhere (USA, Canada, and International)
- You can enter up to 3 ways to win (through various social media outlets)
- It is very important that you tell me the name you use for Google Account, Facebook and Twitter so I can check and make sure that you accounted for

ENTER by commenting (following this format) below:

1) Follow my blog via Google Accounts and tell me your Google Account name - 1 entry
2) Like Something About Kerri Facebook page and tell me your Facebook name - 1 entry
3) Follow and Tweet "Hey @Hello_Kerri, I want to win the watch giveaway:" and tell me your Twitter name - 1 entry
4) Leave your email so I can reach you if you win

Good luck readers! I say it's worth a shot to enter because my blog is small and I don't really have a lot of you might win!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 2012 - Saturday

So I went to Vancouver Fashion Week on Saturday. It took place at the Chinese Cultural Centre. I met up with MaddyLoves, StyleLove, MacNunu, and JustJ. They kindly saved me a seat since I was late. I got dressed, did my make up and commuted there in an impressive 30 minutes. However, you know that saying: haste makes waste. So I did not have time to do my hair nor put on any lipstick/lipgloss. But MacNunu was kind enough to lend me a Revlon lipbutter in sweet tart (which I want now by the way to replace my fuschia pink lipgloss that I had lost).

My quickie outfit, excuse the squinty-not-looking-at-the-right-camera-eyes:

I watched about three shows that day. I took pictures for the first two shows but my simple point and shoot digital camera was not great at capturing the models in action....and I was sitting in the 3rd row so visibility was limited. After the other bloggers decided to leave or to eat dinner, I stayed behind because I had 30 minutes to kill before my dinner plans commenced.

I was bumped up to front row for the Teresa Rosati collection. I was so happy because this show was my favorite one that I saw out of the three. Teresa Rosati's collection featured beautiful dresses that incorporated: jewel tone colours, black lace, silk, satin fabrics and much more. Her dresses were very whimsical, feminine and airy.

Can you spot me in the picture? Left hand side. See the guy with the white pants? Then the dark/tanned girl to right and on the right is me. It's like Where is Waldo? But Where is Kerri?

Here are some of the photos that I took. I clearly need a better camera.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Review: Schick Hydro Silk Razor

I was sent the new Schick Hydro Silk Razor to review by the lovely people at Schick. I have an epilator and I usually use that on my legs. However, I still shave with a razor every now and then because of time constraints (which is usually most of the time because I have no time).

The Schick Hydro Silk razor has 5 blades (that move independently as it goes over each curve of your body) for a close shave and has hypoallergenic moisturizing serum on the edges of razor to give your legs a smooth silky feel while/after you shave.

The razor is very light and has a great ergonomic design.

I like how the razor kit comes with a razor, 2 razor blades and a small shower suction holder for easy use in the shower.

So in I go to pamper myself and shave my legs lol. Schick gave me an awesome spa basket filled with lavender bath soaps, foot scrubs, a robe and slippers to give me the ultimate experience.

Overall, my experience with this razor is great. I throw away my old Schick Quattro, Schick Intuition and Venus razor (all 4 blade designs) and replaced it forever with this one.

Things I liked:

- the razor is plastic and super light
- 5 blade razor head > 4 blade razor head
- the silky feeling it leaves on your legs while you shave (I only used bath soap *not shaving gel* and the moisturizing serum was rich enough to hydrate my legs)

Things I didn't like:

- I wished the silky feeling, from moisturizing serum, would have lasted on my legs after I finished my shave. Perhaps I have really dry legs - which is true I do. Maybe it will last longer for people with normal skin.
- I thought the head of the razor was a bit bulky but I guess it had to be made that way to compensate for the extra surface area needed for the moisturizing serum.

All in all, my experience with this razor was positive and I would rebuy again. It sells for $9.99 CAD at London Drugs. The price is great and I recommend this razor for anyone who is looking to replacing their razor.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My small Christian Louboutin Collection

Okay so I bought a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps from New York. As you all know, I already have the Fifi 100 in turquoise metallic seude. So I needed a classic black pair so I bought the Simple 100 in black patent.

My choices were either the Decolletes, Simple 100 or Simple 85. The Decolletes look so beautiful but they didn't have my size. The Simple 85 were super comfy because of the lower heel (8.5cm) but it didn't have that wow factor compared to the Simple 100 (10.0cm). I wear a size 38 in Aldo for reference. I found the decolletes to run half a size too small so I sized up to a 38.5. However, they were pretty uncomfortable because the slope/pitch of the heels were pretty steep. The Simple pumps of both heights were true to size. I wanted them in black patent because I've scratched my Feticha 120 in black calf leather before (I've sold them).

These cost $625USD or $645CAD. Honestly, the price difference isn't that big of a deal from USD to CAD. In Vancouver, Holt Renfrew has the monopoly for premium designer goods and I can never find my size for Christian Louboutin heels nor have any established relationship with any sales association in the shoe department.

Then ohsovonnie decided to sell me her Iowa Zeppa (not produced anymore at the moment) because it was a half size too small for her but it fit me perfectly! I love her to death and I've always wanted Christian Louboutin mary jane pumps but the current one looks ugly to me. She barely worn her heels and they were in great condition. Love her! I've always wanted these mary jane pumps because I've seen For the Love of Retail wear them as well. I've admired in the distance, knowing I would never get my hands on them ever... but it was fate!

Simple 100, Iowa Zeppa and (similar) Fifi 100

So my little Christian Louboutin collection grew to 3 pairs. I may consider selling my Fifi 100 (they are size 39) but feel like a true to size 38.5. I put heel grips because my heels fly out of them. I do not want to part with my Fifi 100 but if I find a better fitting coloured pair, I may sell it off.

Also I bought these beautiful Chloe sunglasses from the Barney's Outlet in Woodbury Common's Outlet. They were only $110 from $330. They were the last pair too. I love the scalloped edges. I think a girl should 3 different styles of sunglasses: a pair of aviators, bugged eye sunglasses and wayfarer-like sunglasses.

Sorry for the dusty sunglasses

These are my best purchases from my NYC trip. I've bought a few things from Forever 21 here and there but it's not really worth mentioning in my opinion. I honestly didn't shop much in NYC. It was #1 tourist attractions, #2 food and then #3 shopping. I only had one day (3 hours of that day) to visit 5 major department stores for a pair of black Christian Louboutin pumps in my size. I only found the Simple 100 at Barney's. Every other place was sold out of size 338 for black pumps. It was so frustrating.

My next few posts will be about:

- an awesome shaving razor
- relationships
- my give away once I've hit 100,000 hits or 100 subscribers
- dinner outfit photos

Are you guys excited!?

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Best Place I Ever Ate - Marea in NYC

So my favorite restaurant of all time is Marea in New York. It's close to Central Park (south side). It specializes in seafood done western style. The photographs are going to be low quality because it was dim and in a high class restaurant (so I didn't want to be all touristy and take photos of my food with flash and get death stares).

I'm super happy to consume my meal

Marea! Just take my money! Your service and dishes were amazing.

So I watched an episode of No Reservations and I fell in love with this place. I ate everything Anthony Bourdain ate. I'll link the episode on this post as well. So I ordered, the sea urchin (uni) appys.

Wow. The uni was so fresh and sweet. A sheet of lardo (fat) was wilted onto the uni under a little toast bite.

In between every meal we ordered, the waiter would bring us little dishes that were complimentary from the chef during every break we had. I thought that was such a splendid touch to my dining experience. This little treat was trout, with beet puree, and I forgot what that white stuff was and those little beads (lol sorry, it's been a week and I ate so much stuff that it's hard to remember everything 100%).

Lobster, basil, eggland and this certain type of cheese salad. So GOOD! I know you should never mix seafood and cheese (since it's a culinary faux pas) but it worked!'

The mains! We ordered the fusilli and spaghetti. Can you say holy moly uni and crab pasta?! AND bone marrow and octopus pasta! This is heaven...

Uni sauce with dungeness crab meat with spaghetti

Bone marrow and octopus pasta! the sauce was almost gravy like in texture... The little pockets of bone marrow just bursts in your mouth.

A little treat with grapefruit, greek yogurt, lemon zest and pomegranate beads.

We chose to eat the 3 servings of gelato

We chose: meyer lemon, brown butter and prickly pear. I'm really adventurous for food so you never see me picking generic flavors or dishes. The meyer lemon taste better than a real lemon. It was sweet, sour and bitter all in one. The middle one, brown butter was the one that stole the show. It tastes like it was a toasted caramel. Very fragrant...I wish I could eat this forever. Then prickly pear taste almost like a watermelon. It was very refreshing and crisp.

Another treat. Salted caramel chocolate and pomegranate jelly cubes. After we got our coats from coat check. We received a parting gift: a cute chocolate cupcake. This was the ultimate dinner experience.

To see Anthony Bourdain's experience at Marea, watch the video from 3:05-7:05. I also ate at DBBG restuarant (in the beginning of the video as well).

(I got this video on Youtube, it doesn't belong to me)
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