Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How I Store My Makeup

I got these two tiered display racks from work one day (that they were going to throw out). I brought them home because I thought it be great way to display my nail polishes. After some rearranging, I just decided to put all my make up on these two racks.

On the left side, the top shelf is for my make up brushes, eye liners and mascaras that sit in a clear cube tray (from Daiso for $2!) and some not so great make up palettes on the side. The 2nd shelf is for my mineral foundation, setting powder and some eye shadow quads. The 3rd and 4th shelf is for my eyeshadows. I like mineral eye shadows the best for pigmentation. My one and only concealer sits on the 4th shelf.

Sorry for the dust. Here's my eye shadows. The cheapo ELF mineral eye shadows work really well.

Then my Stila palette that I use everyday sits around here. I love this palette because it includes various matte blushes but most of the eye shadows are shimmery. Here is a post I did reviewing the Stila palette.

Onto the right display. The top shelf has nail polish remover, my hair products, primer and BB cream. The 2nd shelf has my antiperspirant and perfumes I use. The 3rd and 4th shelf holds my nail polishes and bronzer powder.

I love Joe Fresh nail polishes. I like the fact the bottles are so small and it's $10 for 3 bottles. I never finish a bottle anyways before it gets all weird.

I will do a review soon about the Unite hair products I have been using for about a month. My absolute favorite perfume of all time (and my signature smell) is Versace Bright Crystal. It has a crisp pomegrantey floral smell to it. I wear The Body Shop perfume oil in satsuma in the summer. One drop goes a long way because the citrus smell is so strong. Then my dear friend gifted me a Salvatorre Ferragamo Incanto perfume when she came back from Asia. The one is very sweet smelling. I wear this one to work most of the time.

Then in front of the right display, I have a tray of random goodies. This is rarely organized but I had to organize it for this photo. The left section of the tray is for my lip products, the middle section is for my eye products (like glue, eye drops, and some random stuff often sneaks in here) and the right section is for hair accessories (like hair ties for the gym, hair clips, and bobby pins).

The overall set up on the corner of my ginormous bureau desk. I have my make up mirror and a box of tissues next to my make up display. To the left of the make up mirror is my laptop where I waste many hours online.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Outfit of the Night: Simple Never Looked So Good

I went to a club last night for my good friend's birthday. I had a great time with my friends. There were many funny stories to share about that night.

One random moment of that night was after everyone was standing outside of the club, a random (non threatening, not homeless, not a crack head) guy came up to me with a brown bag of McDonalds. He looked like the type of guy that would hang out with my circle of friends. He asked me if I wanted to trade a cheeseburger for a smoke. Since I don't smoke, I said sorry. But I really wanted that cheeseburger since I was so hungry and I love cheeseburgers. So that guy was nice enough and gave it to me lol. Then, just when I showed my friend and was wanting to eat it...my friend took it away from me and he wouldn't let me eat it. But yeah, never take food from strangers.

So here's what I wore to the club. I decided I wanted to be pretty clothed that night and wore pants for once. But the top compensated for the bottom lol.

Eryn Brinie top, T. Babaton Elliot pants, Betsey Johnson pumps, Toywatch, Zara clutch, and Forever 21 bracelet.

The details! My nail polish is Colour Club - Age of Aquarius. It's a creamy bright green teal colour (more on the green side).

This is one of my favorite tops. It's so unique and delicate. It's part silk and cotton. I was so annoyed when random guys tried to talk to me and was tugging at my top while I was avoiding them. I'd be so mad if it tore because it's the most expensive tank top I own and it's super fragile.

I got inspired to buy the top and the pants from For The Love of Retail. She's my favorite Vancouver blogger. She just has wicked style. When she models recent purchases it makes you think: Wow, that DOES look awesome. I kind of want to add that to my wardrobe!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dine Out Vancouver 2012: Five Sails

I met up with MaddyLoves and OhSoVonnie for dinner at Five Sails for Dine Out Vancouver 2012. All of us were coming straight from work. I made a pit stop at home to change and quickly do my make up. I was such in a hurry that I totally forgot my umbrella. Then I got rained on going to and going home from the restaurant.

Surprise! Lazy me decided to take some photos. Here is what I wore to dinner minus the coat and shoes. I switched to Zara booties for my outfit photo since my Forever 21 booties that I wore were still wet from the rain.

Forever 21 tank and jacket, H&M shorts and Zara booties.

The group photo I took with the girls made me look fat because I was standing funny so I thought I take some nicer ones in my room.

I figured a way to take non flash photos by turning on my lamp and shining it at me for better pictures that are more true to life.

I thought the silver sequins and tweed complimented each other very well.

The Dine Out menu was alright. It certainly was fine dining sized. My dishes were very tasty. I just wish there was more of it. Here's the fat girl inside me complaining lol.

We got a baby shrimp cocktail in a tiny glass for starters

I got the mushroom risotto with shaved parmigiano reggiano for the appetizer. I love risotto a lot and I secretly wished that this was my main.

For the entree. I got half a lobster tail with orange butter sauce, pork belly with some sort of dark berry puree and some shitake mushrooms.

I chose the pavlova for dessert. I love pavlova because of the light meringue that isn't super sweet. It had a refreshing lemon sauce on one side and some berry sauce on the other topped with some fruits.

Then we got some creamy chocolate niblets that looked like monopoly houses before we paid our bill.

It was good seeing these two lovelies again! The next time I will see them is in March for a Vancouver Beauty and Lifestyles blogger meet for high tea.

Trend Alert: Over the Knee socks

I've been rocking the suspender tights trend before it became big in Vancouver (Oh So Vonnie introduced me to them!). Now I see a trickle of Vancouver girls wearing them from time to time when I go out or they would be asking where to buy suspender tights in shopping forums after we modeled them.

Now I spy another trend that is going to become big (or bigger) in Vancouver. That's over the knee socks!

Okay, yes it has been done in the Asian community but the way that look has been done.. it looks "Honger" (for the lack of better words). I'm not hating that particular look but it's not a style I associate myself with. I am going to incorporate over the knee socks in my wardrobe without giving off a discombobulated, contradictory and fruity vibe. I'm going to wear them with neutral toned clothing that is more streamlined and polished to make the trend more me.

My friend told me that I'm becoming more like a Honger girl with the furry faux fox tails, tights with shorts (at least they are not denim!) and now these over the knee high socks lol.. She has a good point but I reassured her that I'm not. I bought a charcoal grey and a black pair recently. I'm thinking of getting the thigh high socks that go even higher and perhaps a pair of lace over the knee socks but I'm debating if the latter is too risque. But then again, what do I care about what others think? I know a good thing when I spot it! =)

Here are some celebrities in over the knee socks that I Googled for some inspiration.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Blake Lively

I'm surprised that the denim shorts didn't make this outfit look too sloppy

Those boots make the outfit too casual. I would have worn them with flats or heeled booties

Will you be giving over the knee socks a try?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter - strawberry shortcake

So I managed to find one of these. I didn't see many colours at the Superstore on Grandview hwy. I only saw this one laying around in a random area. It was still brand new so I decided to buy it.

I love how it's a really creamy light cool tone pink. It does apply on like butter. I like how the top is clear so you can see the colour. I want to buy more shades

silly photo =)

Outfit of the Night - Leopard Skinnys

I went to a birthday party at Chop in Richmond for Dine Out Vancouver and this is what I wore.

Suzy Shier top, Love Culture skinnys, Aldo shoes and Chanel camellia wallet on chain

With the blue foamy person outside the washroom lol. I recently bought a Mackage coat from Aritzia. I really love it because it is a hybrid between a coat and a cardigan. It's super slimming as well. I'll take some photos on the weekend wearing it when I go shopping with my boyfriend. I'm planning to get some knee high and over the knee socks to wear with flats. I think that look is super cute. I hope I can pull it off. We'll see!

Oh and I saw someone with the regular Dav equestrain rain boots and it looked stunning on them. I decided I'm going to order a pair tomorrow since my leather Calvin Klein over the knee boots did not protect the rain from seeping in and making my socks wet.

Also, I'm getting better in posing with my photos. I've learned lots from Oh So Vonnie and her posing tips (on this post) since she's such a natural in front of the camera. I, on the other hand, am not as comfortable on camera in my own skin. Slowly but surely!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vaseline and DUO

I bought these 2 items in the States the last time I went. I forgot to mention these items because they were so small and they kind of got lost in between shopping bags.

I bought the DUO eyelash adhesive glue (darker colour glue) for brown and black eyelashes. I've used 2 other eye lash glues before (Lash Grip and Ardelle's Brush on Adhesive). The DUO one is my favorite - I'll do a comparison post between these 3 glues one day. The DUO dries up with a slight greyish colour along the lash line. It lasts long as well. It was $5.97USD and it goes for $8CAD here.

The Vaseline lip therapy is my favorite lip balm. It's pretty much vaseline in a tube format. Less mess = big plus. Also, it has a nice scent to it. It doesn't smell like regular Vaseline. It was only $0.99 at Walmart in the States. I'm not sure if they sell it here in Canada. But it leaves me lips super conditioned. I use it everyday and I notice my lips don't peel as much as before.

I highly recommend these two products

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Post

Sorry for falling off the map. I'm so tired lately. I work an hour earlier than usual now. Perfect for going to the gym right after work before it gets busy. I find I get so exhausted and lose the motivation to do anything productive after that.

Here are some pictures I found online of clothes, jewelry, and celebrity inspirations.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's outfit look so put together. I like how Ashley paired contrasting colours. It really works. Her shoes are so sleek and sexy as well. I'm willing to try bold colours. Mary Kate's outfit is more me. The black lace is so mysterious while the hot pink pumps adds a little girly factor in it. I need hot pink or royal blue pumps in my wardrobe.

This dress is stunning. The angelic white with scalloped tiers...perfection. I need a sexy white dress in my life.

Ashley Green's Dav rain boots. I want the zippered equestrian rain boots or hers (which are the regular equestrian rain boots). Dav rain boots are really sleek looking and are pretty cheap at about $98USD. I may considering getting a pair because of shitty Vancouver weather. I'm scared these boots might make my legs look stumpy. Note to self: Order a pair of the zippered equestrian rain boots ASAP.

Coloured denim. I want a pair of eggplant purple, teal green or hot pink ones. One pair of trendy colour jeans will do for me. I found hot pink J brand ones for only $99 at Aritzia and Citizen of Humanity Thompson skinny's in eggplant purple for $99 at Aritzia as well. These teal green ones are cheap for Forever 21.

A light coloured statement necklace. To complement my outfits for when I can't wear my black House of Harlow necklace. This one is from Forever 21.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thigh High Boots

I went to my friend's going away dinner last night. My lovely friend is going to Australia for a little over a year to accomplish her dreams of traveling. I envy her passion for wanting to see the world. That brings the number down to 3 girls in my group leaving Vancouver to work or go to school. My best friend was in the Czech Republic, another girl friend is in Calgary and this one will be going to Australia.

The itch to travel rubs off on you when you are surrounded by friends who love to do so. I'm finally going to New York in March - I was supposed to go but I had to cancel my flight because of Hurricane Irene.

We went for a girls dinner and this is what I wore:

Zara top, J brand jeggings, Aldo boots and Forever 21 bag

I'm so glad I wore boots because it snowed last night. I bought these boots from Aldo a year ago. I love the cone heel because it doesn't feel or look high even though it's 3 inches. There's fleece inside the top part of the boot.

Cheers to a good night and complementary drinks

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blue Clutch

I have a black one, a taupe one and a gold one already. I'm missing a vibrant pop of colour so I think a blue one will be a nice transition.

This turquoise envelope clutch with gold hardware is so pretty. It looks super sleek and is about a reasonable $32 CAD. This style comes in taupe and mustard as well. But the turquoise one is calling my name...

I should really make a list of things to buy so I don't go off track. This winter season has been a shopaholic's paradise from November - January due to Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday sales, Christmas presents, Boxing Day week sales, day trips to the States, the boyfriend's birthday weekend and present.... and now Dine Out Vancouver. I'm going to 4 this year. Not the number I was anticipating for but it just so happened to turn out that way with different groups and birthdays. Are any of you going to DOV this year? If so, what restaurants? I usually just try to go to only one each year for fun because I believe that the DOV menus don't showcase the feature items of the particular restaurant is known for. The menu usually lists of a bunch of items that are cheap and easy to make (i.e steak for one).

Anyways, the expenditures of those months should not get in the way of a new Prada bag, New York in March, Las Vegas in July and school in September because I don't like to live beyond my means and I generally budget well.

I'm going to a lot of dinners and birthdays for this month of January so I hope to document my outfit photos for you all.

I just need to cut back on buying small useless items that I don't need.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not My Style

I know you must be thinking that this is the ugliest Polyvore set I ever made but hear me out. The picture depicts some of the pieces that I will never wear in public. I'm not saying that they are ugly, I'm just saying that they are not very "me". Everyone has different styles so I'm not hating on you if you wear these particular items. It's purely my personal opinion of a particular style/item.

1. Hunter rainboots - They do not sleek at all. They look cute in the smaller sizes (like 5 or 6) but look pretty manly in my size (I'm an 8). I wish they made them with a smaller toe box and a flatter heel. I like how you can accessorize them with the sock opinion.

2. Plaid shirts - This face does not suit a plaid shirt period. It makes me look like a cowgirl (ew to that entire western/cowgirl look) and it's too casual for my liking. Plaid probably hates me.

3. Denim shorts with leggings/tights - What's worse is medium to light denim shorts (add rips for extra horror) with dark leggings and tights. This look is TOTALLY contradictory to me (denim shorts = casual summer time apparel and dark leggings/tights = polished and sleek look). WHY? You might as well do one or the other, not both. I'll let darker denim shorts (no rips please) with dark leggings/tights pass. Also, dark colours like: dark blue and purple shorts with dark leggings/tights shall receive a pass. The best combination is black or dark grey shorts with black leggings/tights with black shoes of course. This latter look is more seamless and it looks more polished and not as discombobulated.

4. Hoodies - Only for the gym or going to the boyfriends house please. Nothing makes an outfit super casual like a hoodie. If you consider yourself a fashionista, I doubt you would be selecting an athletic hoodie as your first choice for your outfit (designer hoodies with awesome cuts do not apply). Hoodies are okay for guys though.

5. Colourful tights - Do you ever see me in bright anything? What makes you think I would wear bright red or purple tights? My boyfriend has more pink than I do LOL. The only bright clothing I'd consider is a bright top, blouse or tank (paired with all black to make that particular colour pop of course). Or perhaps a bright coloured bag or shoe with a monochromatic outfit. My rule of thumb, one bright item in an outfit is more than enough.

What are some fashion items that you guys absolutely will not wear?

Prada tote bags are so confusing

Pretty much what the title states.

So I've been researching a bit more about Prada totes. Turns out the Prada lux tote I posted in my last post (MK tote vs Prada lux tote) isn't really the one I wanted. The one I wanted is the Prada lux double zip tote; it's an upgraded version of the other bag. The difference? The Prada tote with the double zip has 2 more zippers which means 2 more compartments
and more zippers = more hardware bling = looks more luxurious.

Then I found that the Prada lux double zip tote is coming out with a shoulder strap! That's too cute. The strap adds more interest to the bag. So then this is the one I want to look into getting.

After more research, I realized that the official Prada site doesn't sell these two totes in black. They sell the double zip (with a strap) in black but then it's the smallest size available. Or the other option is the biggest size (without the strap) in black. Seriously, what's with all these slight variation in sizes (about 4 different sizes) and the inconsistency in colours?

I just want a black medium sized tote.....the small is too small and the big one is too big and it looks like it's purely for work.

Yeah this post is pretty boring because it's just about sizing and me ranting why the medium double zip with/without straps totes don't come in black. I guess I'll visit Holt Renfrew on Friday before or after I volunteer. The Prada website must be out of black for these totes perhaps.

Here are some pictures of the two medium tote options:

Prada lux tote with double zip
(2nd choice - it's the "bigger" medium bag)
* pictures from the official Prada website

Prada lux tote with double zip and a shoulder strap
(1st choice - it's the "smaller" medium bag)
* pictures from the official Prada website

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Michael Kors Hamilton VS Prada Saffiano Lux tote

So I've decided that I want a black basic tote bag. It's either going to be a Prada Saffiano Lux tote in black or a Michael Kors medium Hamilton bag in black with gold hardware (because I saw one of my favorite bloggers, For the Love of Retail, get one and it made me realize how nice and affordable it was).

(left Michael Kors Hamilton and right Prada Saffiano Lux tote)

The Prada Saffiano Lux tote is pricier at about $1900 CAD and the specs can be found here at the Saks Fifth Avenue website. The Michael Kors Hamilton bag is 20% of the price of Prada for about $350 CAD and the specs could be found here on their official website. The Michael Kors bag is actually really reasonable in price and is pretty. But the Prada is...well Prada and I like the Saffiano textured leather. The Prada one I could use when I'm older in the future and it looks super professional. The Michael Kors one isn't as professional looking and it's just a good basic black bag at the moment (maybe not forever).

Which one do you think is nicer? Unfortunately, money may be a deciding factor if I get accepted to the full time program I want to attend for September 2012. I will be paying for my own tuition this time around. But if there's a will, then there's a smart and economical way around getting the Prada right? - i.e sell something I don't use/need.

What Sparks My Interest: Neutrals

It's raining a lot in Vancouver. It gets dark quickly and it doesn't motivate me to go out. I created a soft neutral tone collection of items to brighten the day.

1. Prada Saffiano Lux tote - about $1900 CAD
2. Wilfred Le Fou Layla top - on sale for $145 CAD at the moment
3. Forever 21 necklace - about $11 CAD
4. YSL Bracelet - price unknown
5. Forever 21 leaf ring - about $5 CAD

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some Music I Like

Here's some of my favorites that I have been listening to in 2011. I agree, it's not super girly. I really like this type of music..it's party music, it's work out music, and/or going for a nice drive kind of music.

I give credit to my friends over at DMR Beatz for introducing me to these amazing songs (before some of them got mainstream). I'm sure most of them are super common right now. DMR Beatz is the place to go if you like this genre. They have hip hop, R&B and much more as well. It's my one stop to find unique remixes, underground music and new unknown hits. It beats listening to the 20 something songs on repeat on the radio that's for sure! My friends over at DMR Beatz will be attending EDC in June (of course right? it's totally their scene). After seeing the advertisement for it.. I have this itch to go because of the happy and fun environment. It will be unrealistic of me to attend EDC though. I have an insane stagette to attend in Las Vegas that following month!

* These Youtube videos in this post do not belong to me and belong to their original owners.

Some other songs I was digging as well:

Her voice is amazing!

It reminds me of that Michelle Phan's make up tutorial and then meeting a boy

sounds so happy but sad

Missy is coming back!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review: Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes and Trolls

I was given these Pond's wet cleansing towelettes from a friend. They are used to remove make up before you wash your face with your face cleanser. One side of the facial wipes has these bumps for exfoliation (it doesn't exfoliate really in my opinion). They are $7.99 for 30 facial wipes. It pretty much equates to one pack a month. They smell is great. It's a citrus, cucumber and peach smell. They remove make up really well and it's really hassle free. There is a re-sealable opening in the middle of the package for easy access and keeps the moisture locked in for future uses.

I was using Marcelle's soothing cleansing water before to remove make up. Marcelle's make up remover is $14.99 for a 200ml bottle. I've done a review of Marcelle's make up remover before here. I pretty much use one whole bottle of Marcelle's make up remover in a month. While Marcelle's make up remover is a really good product, I find that the Ponds facial wipes are a better economically ($14.99 vs $7.99) and the use of wipes is easier. With a liquid make up remover, I waste a lot of tissues/toilet paper. However, the Ponds facial wipes have that aspect already so there is no extra waste.

On another note, I got my first troll post in one of my threads the other day. Yay? Usually these people are jealous or insecure and try to bring others, who are doing a good, thing down. Lots of my favorite and/or big time bloggers have trolls that constantly harass them (or even want to pretend to be them! How psycho is that?)

Anyways, this person was dissing the way I look. Whatever, you don't know me. Go hide behind your computer you insecure person. Sure, half the time I look tired or annoyed in my room pictures and they don't really flatter me...but I don't really care because it at least shows my outfit. But I know what I look like and I'm pretty damn happy with it thank you! Also, why bother reading my blog if my face bothers you? *eye rolls*

Being a fashion or beauty blogger is tough because you are in the public eye. That's why I didn't want to show my face for the first month or two because I didn't know what to expect. Then I got a little more comfortable because I gained readers who genuinely care about what I had to say about about clothes and make up. I give props to bloggers who do Youtube videos and close ups of their face for make up. I'm not nearly as comfortable doing that yet.

So I had to edit my comments option for my blog. Before you can post whatever you like and it be visible right away (I loved that because I get to read comments right away via mobile) but now I will have to filter each comment first. I still welcome constructive criticism. Perhaps you had a bad experience with a beauty product I liked or perhaps you think a particular clothing item I bought was crappy but another option would be nicer. Anything like that is still okay with me. But I will not tolerate comments that doesn't even have to do with blogging.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Outfit Post: States Shopping Haul and more

Here are the modeling pictures of the Forever 21 clothes and Aritzia clothes I bought recently.

Forever 21 cardigan, T. Babaton Elliot pants and Zara flats

Eep. I love these T. Babaton ankle pants <3

T. Babaton top, T. Babaton Elliot pants, Forever 21 bag and Zara flats

Forever 21 shawl and purse, T. Babaton Elliot pants, and Zara flats

I really love this Forever 21 purse. You can wear it 3 ways (it has a longer detachable strap): as a messenger bag, a hobo purse or a longer shoulder bag (comparable to a Balenciaga Pom Pom bag style).

I decided I should make some 2012 goals:

1) Avoid constantly shopping at at disposable clothing stores but invest in quality pieces in moderation. In the end, 3-4 cheap tops will equal to the price of one reliable top that matches with most things.

2) Reduce the noms. I really don't need to eat to the point of getting full, just a good full. Maybe this is a good way of slimming down because I haven't seen noticeable results for myself ever since I've started to modify my diet and go to the gym 3-4 times a day since summer. I've seen noticeable results in my friends but not so much me.. ughh.

3) Stop losing my Blackberry pouch case. I've bought two for rotation and I only know where one is lol.

4) Try to make one blog post a day. Try to smile more in photos and not have a bitch face even though I'm so tired but it's my fault for never getting enough sleep.

5) Stop photo bombing group photos and rendering them useless for Facebook because my eyes cannot stare straight nor can I smile right due to an excess of shots in the double digits.

What are some of your New Years resolutions or goals?
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