Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Beauty Diary: Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask Review

I was gifted these My Beauty Diary masks by Artie Beauty Cosmetics. Artie is a beauty supplies company that sells asian make up and beauty products. They offer $2.99 shipping in the US and free shipping for orders over $50. These masks come in a box of 10 for $15.99 USD. I used this cherry blossom mask one day to prepare my face for an eventful night.

Things I liked about the masks were:

- The smell (a very mild cherry blossom scent)

- My face felt really hydrated after 20 minutes (I could have left it on for even longer)

Things I didn't like about the mask were:

- The instructions were all in Chinese (I can't read it) so I just assumed you leave it on your face for about 20 mintues. I just found out now that there's English instructions on the website.

- After removing the mask, there was still a lot of creamy residue so I had to really throughly rinse my face afterwards. The website says you don't need to rinse your face afterwards but I really felt the need to since it left my face super creamy.

Overall, I liked the face mask and I'm planning to use the other 2 again one day.

Also, a few of us Vancouver Beauty & Lifestyles bloggers are going to make another meet up in November 12, 2011 to use our free nail treatment at Shi Nail and have a girls day. I'll keep you posted about that soon.


  1. Hey! You just massage the serum into your skin, it will absorb pretty quickly, and then you don't even have to use moisturizer =)

  2. hey sheila! thanks for the tip, i'll try that next time.


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