Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Price Matching for J Brands

I've been online shopping for many years now. I'm always on the look out for deals on items I really want. One thing I never pay full price (in Canadian) for is designer denim. I try to stay under $150 for a pair of nice jeans. J brand jeans are about $165-$350 CAD, 7 for All Mankind jeans are about $180-$250 CAD, Current Elliot jeans are about $290 CAD, Citizen of Humanity jeans are about $190-$220 CAD before tax. How do I do this? With price matching from websites.

My favorite websites to browse are:

- Tobi

My favorite websites to shop are:

I was eyeing a pair of J brand jeggings in pitch black. I saw them at Tobi for $96 here. However, the sizes left on Tobi are size 31 and 32. It will definitely not fit me since I'm a 26. I find the same pair of J brand jeggings in pitch black at Revolve Clothing for $149 here. My size isn't there so I fill in the pre-order form to see if they can bring in my size. Several days after, Revolve Clothing emails me and tells me that they will get these jeans in on Oct 31.

I made sure the jeans on Tobi are the exact same ones on Revolve by making sure the jean materials percentages, the length, the model, and the colour match. I email Revolve Clothing if I can do a price match since I found the jeans for cheaper. Revolve does not require the jeans to be the same size in order to do a price match. I give Revolve's customer service the site where I found the jeans for cheaper. The Revolve customer service rep will confirm if it is indeed the same jeans. And it is. I get them for $96 off Revolve Clothing and they are sent by USPS to my house - YAY! If I buy J brand jeggings at Aritzia, they will cost about $165-198 CAD before tax. After tax, they would be about $185-220. So instead of paying $185-220 in Canada, I rather pay $97 US. That's almost 50% off.

Why buy it off Revolve Clothing? Free shipping to Canada of course. If I buy it off all the other sites I browse on, I would have to ship it to Point Roberts in Washington and drive all the way there and pick it up. I try to buy things under $120 at Revolve Clothing because it's rare that you will get taxed at your door. If you spend over $120, I find I have to pay tax at my door. This is from my personal experience.

This is what I do for my jeans and a few other items. There's always 10% off coupon codes like TULIP and CANDY for Revolve Clothing (somtimes there are 20, 25 and 30% off codes). Revolve Clothing will match other sites when those sites have a site wide 20% or 30% off.

Yay for savvy shopping and saving money. I do this whenever I can. Obviously, I'm not lucky to find what I want on sale all the time. If I really want something and it doesn't or will never go on sale, I'll probably buy it anyways at full price.

My friend, Oh So Vonnie, does price matching to a whole new level. Her way makes me look like a novice compared to her pro skills. Read about her way on her blog here.


  1. Did you ever find the vintage olive houlihans in your size? I'm trying to find some cheap electric blue jbrands but nothing is coming up :(

    You're getting good at these plugs.. lol <3 <3

  2. Oh no I haven't. I gave up. I bought a pair of Forever 21 olive skinnys instead. They dont' have the pocket tho. I'm such a snob. I will not get pocket cargo skinny jeans unless they are J brand ones LOL


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