Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Soulstice Spa Nail Polish

I was gifted two Soulstice Spa nail colours from Nail Polish Canada to try out. Nail Polish Canada sells various brands of nail polishes such as Essie, China Glaze, OPI, Zoya and much more. They have free shipping to Canada for purchases over $29. I found a promo code "loulou15" that gives you 15% off your total purchase from the LOU LOU magazine - not sure when this promo ends.

The colours I was given were Crete (silver with glimmers of tiny tiny shiney silver specks) and Montreal (a jewel tone plum purple). Soulstice Spa nail polish are vegan, cruelty free and lack the 3 known toxins in nail polish: toluene, formaldehyde and DBP. Soulstice Spa gives a part of their proceeds to support non-profit organizations that help the environment.

I used two coats of the Montreal shade. I really like it. I wanted to save my ring finger and paint that one the Crete shade but I totally forgot and just painted it all one shade. I'll have to do another review on the other colour next time.

I added 3 Daiso nail stickers on my left hand and 2 on my right hand. I didn't even need stickers since the nail polish looked fine the way it was.. but I guess I was on the computer and got carried away.

So I got carried away some more and I added Daiso's gold shimmer nail polish to the tips below the stickers. My left hand looks better than my right hand. Also, I rubbed off the nail polish that dried onto my skin afterwards. Then I realized after all that trouble, that the nails looked better without all that jazz on it.

Overall, Soulstice Spa brand nail polishes apply on very rich. I didn't really need two coats. One thick coat would have been enough for me since the colour is so rich. But I always put on 2 on the safe side. I hate putting on more than 2 coats of nail polish because I had waiting. Also, a nail polish that requires more than 2 coats just means the colour pay off isn't very good and thus is not a good nail polish in my opinion. The bottle is 12.7mL - which is bigger than a Joe Fresh nail polish at 9ml but smaller than typical nailpolishes like OPI and Revlon are 14-15ml. Soulstice Spa nail polishes retail for $8.50 at Nail Polish Canada. Overall, it's a great nail polish. I'd give it a 8/10. The colour goes on well and the colours are beautiful... but I'm not one to spend a lot on nail polishes...especially on one this size.

On an unrelated note.. Remember my pretty Bareille nail polish in a teal green colour?

Well I used the Seche Vite quick drying top coat over it and one week later, the top coat totally discoloured my nails! It turned it into a green colour with a brownish tint. This looked so gross. I actually liked the Seche Vite top coat when I first applied it because when I was washing my hands, the water was just beading off it. But now, I'll never use this top coat again.

You can tell it was the top coat that discoloured my nails and nothing else (I thought it could have been my laser eye surgery drops but it couldn't be) because every single nail was discoloured on both hands. When I wiped away at my nail polish, it revealed the initial pretty teal green polish. You can see on the other nails where I didn't wipe off the top coat.. that the teal green colour was peeping through the edges because the top coat was coming off. Also, when removed, the Seche Vite top coat left a nasty white film on my finger tips - as you can see with my index finger.

So I'm definitely not using that ever again on my nails.


  1. Seche vite is apparently really bad for you to breathe into too. My friend from Cali says there's a warning label on the bottles that they sold there saying that it can cause reproduction problems and the such. I recommend Dior top coat, much much better and odourless too.

  2. oh wow. that's so bad. thanks for the warning. but yeah. good thing the Seche Vite wasn't mine. i was playing around with my bf's sister's nail polishes.

    I'll stick to my cheapo Joe Fresh top coat XD

  3. Hm, that's so weird. I used Seche Vite before and it never discoloured my nails. But like Sheila said I stopped using it because it had bad chemicals in it, and I'm using a Revlon one with I think is pretty good, because it doubles as a base coat. Your post just reminded me to use that colour too, haha. Time to do my nails tmr!

  4. Once I finish my mini bottle of Seche Vite, I'm going to switch to Essie's which I hear is better and comes without the harmful chemicals in it!

  5. On a totally unrelated note, how did your eye surgery go?

  6. I love that purply color- perfect for fall!

  7. I didn't know you were a nail polish person! I am impressed with your purple nails with the flower decals :)

  8. I love the purple nails with the flowers on it! I was thinking of trying Seche Vite before, now definitely no =/ how do you like the Joe top coat?

    Nail Polish Canada is awesome, shipping is so fast!

  9. xoxoCat - hey! my eye epithelium isn't healing as fast =( so I have to wait 2 extra days (supposed to take one week) in order to take my protective contacts out. Everything at night that's bright is pretty bright LOL. i learned so much more stuff about eye surgery. for one, if you have swimming googles, that totally saves u time when you shower and wash your hair LOL

    skippysays - thanks! that's what I was thinking too =)

    <3 - lol I've just started becoming a nail polish person. I definitely don't splurge on nail polish tho lol. still experimenting. there's some cute halloween ones i want to try to do lol.

    maddy - thanks a lot hun =) eep! yeah that top coat is not good at all =( The Joe Fresh one seems alright. I have no other top coat to compare it too lol.


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