Sunday, October 9, 2011

Moschino Belt

I've always wanted a really nice belt - a black leather one with a nice gold or silver buckle. The Hermes constance belt, aka the "H" belt, has always been on my mind. However, I just can't come to terms on spending over $1000 on a belt because I don't even wear belts. I tried to justify buying it because the Hermes belt is reversible. So it would be 2 belts at about $500 each. But still, I would be spending over $1000 on a belt. $1000 on a bag is more justifiable in terms of the "cost per wear ratio" because I use bags everyday and I'll get my moneys worth out of it since I use it all the time.

photo belongs to Hermes

Then I stumbled on this baby. This vintage MOSCHINO style belt was recently re-released. It retails for $295USD at the official Moschino website. Which is pretty reasonable for a designer belt. I've seen so many stylish bloggers wear this belt before and I was just kicking myself in the past because I can never buy it again because it's vintage. Also, I didn't trust Ebay because of fakes. You know how much I hate fake things and everything it represents to wear fake stuff.

photo belongs to Moschino

This belt comes in a gold or silver hardware. My size is available in the silver hardware but not the gold. I was gravitating towards the gold more because I love gold against black. There is the next size up from my size. I'm thinking I can always go to a cobbler and ask them to punch in more holes to make the belt smaller. I am definitely buying this belt.

I was searching some photos of this belt and ways other people have worn it. Here are a bunch of photos I've found from the internet.

You can wear it as a waist belt over a skirt - I will most definitely do this look

You can wear it with a romper - I will most likely do this look as well

You can belt it over a thick coat or blazer - I will not do this look because I personally think belting blazers, cardigans and coats look silly.

It is a great accessory overall and I never felt like this about a belt before nor considered getting a belt until I fell in love with this one.

I'm most likely wearing this belt with my skinny jeans with a blouse or a sweater.
Alex from HRH collection has a short video of this look here.
The way she styled her outfit is similar to my style and similar to how I would style it.


  1. Oo. I first saw this belt on Dulce Candy. I love it! :)

  2. I'm addicted for it to arrive. Looks like I'll be driving to pt roberts once again lol.

  3. I love that belt! Did you already order it? I would definitely get a cobbler to punch in extra holes, I love black on gold as well :) I know what you mean about Hermes, I'm in love with the clic H bracelets but I just can't justify it since I usually forget to wear jewelry!

    And not sure if you checked my other post but the Dollhouse boots slouches a bit at the ankles.

  4. yes i just ordered it today =) can't wait for it to arrive at pt roberts. i did get the gold and black version. the silver wasn't calling to me as much as the gold was. i think the difference in size isn't that big of a deal. the extra belt material gets tucked underneath the back of the belt so u can't see the long tail end anyways =)

    omg. i want an Hermes clic clac bracelet as well and cannot come to terms to buying one either. $600 on a bracelet that's not diamond or real gold? i dunnoooo. that's hard to stomach. i can buy an ipad with that price LOL

  5. I LOVE that belt - it is so chic! I have the Hermes version and I prefer the Moschino more I think!

  6. Eep! Kat, the Hermes one is wayyyyy more boss. I'm so jelly =)

  7. Love the belt! I hear ya on the cost of the Hermes... It's one of those 'one day' items :s
    Bella xo


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