Sunday, October 2, 2011

Laser Eye Surgery

I'm getting laser eye surgery on Tuesday. I'm very excited but nervous at the same time. I might as well put up some facts I learned about laser eye surgery by going to the consultation and reading my handbook I received. I'm getting the PRK laser eye surgery done because I was not a candidate for LASIK laser eye surgery.

  • Procedure: a thin part of your cornea is cut (creating a flap), a laser shoots in to correct your eyes, the flap is placed back
  • Pros: heels in a week, can work in 48hrs, can drive in 48hrs, good for smaller prescriptions
  • Cons: flap may open, higher cases of re-treatment, higher cases of dryer eyes

  • Procedure: epithelium is removed (without cutting), a laser shoots in to correct your eyes, wear contacts for one week to protect epithelium when it is growing back
  • Pros: no cutting/no flap created, good for higher prescriptions, lower chances of re-treatment, great for people with thin corneas (most asians)
  • Cons: heels in 2 weeks, can drive in 4-14 days, may hurt when epithelium is growing back, can do physical activity in 2 weeks (arghh.. it means I can't go to the gym)

  • No eye make up 3 days before surgery and on surgery day (crap, I wore make up on Saturday and Sunday.. I hope that doesn't affect it)
  • No eye make up 7 days after eye surgery
  • No wearing contacts for 2 weeks before eye surgery (because it will reshape your eye)
  • There are way more restrictions for LASIK compared to PRK
  • PRK restrictions: Do not go into a hot tub, swim, or be in a dusty/dirty surrounding for a week and wear sunglasses in sunlight for 6 months

I got most of the information from the Coal Harbour Eye Center handbook. I'm going to get my surgery done there since I know a few people who had it done there. I can't wait to have 2 weeks off to do nothing. I'll be so bored. I'll probably beg my friends to pick me up and go somewhere because I can't even drive anywhere. Also, I'm excited to wear sunglasses at night like some kind of celebrity or some kind a thief...hmm..


  1. You'll do fine Kerri :) Hope your procedure/healing will be as good as mine!

  2. Thanks vonnie! I pray I heal like you =) I still wanna go shopping on the 6th LOL

  3. Good luck! I've been looking into laser eye surgery but keep getting put off by the horror stories I hear.
    I might finally man up and do it over xmas. It would be amazing to not have to ever wear glasses or contacts again!

  4. I had pro done! Let me know if you have any questions

  5. Thanks Macnunu and J!

    J - I'll probably have a few questions to ask you lol =)


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