Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day at Granville Island

I went venturing off to Granville Island Saturday afternoon. Ate some yummy Belgium waffles at Le Patisserie Lebeau and walked to Granville Island. Then we bought some random deli meats at the Public Market - like lardo, speck and some random sausage. The pictures of the meat looked sort of gross so I won't post them haha.

H&M sweater, Siren's leggings, Zara flats and Gucci bag

I don't know why I look like a midget in this photo. Perhaps the person taking it was very tall.

Some pretty flower cactus.

Cute little baby corn. I tried the purple corn before when I went to China and it tasted so starchy and gross. So I don't recommend eating the purple ones.

I think this light pink, light blue and white combination is just so mesmerizing. It's so perfect.

The lotus pod reminds me of that fake boob worm photo lol.

mmmm meringue

Loves french macaroons. I really need to try to make these one day..

I don't know what these tarts have in them but they look so beautiful.

My eyeball. You see the tiny white (almost vertical) line below my black pupil. That's my scratch. Putting a spare contact in made it feel so much better. I'm taking so long to fully heal my eye epithelium, it's super annoying. I took this photo because I was out having dinner with friends and I was trying to show my friend who works at an optometrist office but the restaurant was too dim so I went to the bathroom to do it.

I'm using a USB mouse right now. It's so silly, the mouse moves randomly (I try to fight it by going the opposite way), it clicks randomly and it minimizes/maximizes my screen randomly as well. I'm getting my trackpad fixed on Tuesday. $100 though. Oh well, at least that's cheaper than I thought I would have to pay and at least my keyboard is fine.


  1. I love Granville Island - one of my favorite places in Vancouver. Fresh flowers, everything always looks and smells soo yummy and such unique and pretty trinkets to shop for!

  2. Great pics, except for the lotus pod ... shudder!

  3. I love your photos! I love Granville Island but haven't been there for the longest time. Those cakes look delicious.

  4. ohh the desserts look delicious!! yumm and love the flower pics, so colorful and pretty :D

    You have an awesome blog and I love your style! I'm following you too <3

  5. I love Granville Island, one of my fave places in Vancouver.

    How is your healing going (aside from the scratch)? Has it been painful? Can you see 20/20 now?

  6. thanks everyone. i love granville island too! i always buy snacks there. last time i bought these risotto cakes there. super yums =)

    ooh i took out my contact on my right eye. the stupid scartch/mark is gone and it feels good now. everything is a little blurrier. i think the contacts did help u see a tiny bit better. i'm still a bit sensitive to light and driving at night sucks =\ otherwise, no pain at all. yay! tomorrow will be 2 weeks for me =)

  7. Poor thing, hope your eye gets better! Love your pictures!
    Bella xo

  8. thanks bella! love your outfit photos too! u take lots of glam ones outdoors =)

  9. Cute flats!

    What brand did you use for your mascara and eyeliner :)?

  10. my eyeliner is one of the sponsored ones i received (annabelle smudge liner in ohmygoth) and the mascara is covergirl stiletto =)

    covergirl stiletto is my favorite drugstore brand mascara


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