Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 2013 is almost here

It's the time of year again to go catch a glimpse of Vancouver Fashion Week!

The event takes place on March 19 - 24, 2013 at the Chinese Cultural Center in Chinatown and you can purchase your tickets here.  You get to preview fall and winter collections from local and international designers.  

Here is the schedule listed on the VFW website

I'm very excited to attend this year!  I'm most likely attending the weekend shows with some fellow bloggers.  I realized I broke my camera and I will definitely need to hustle and find a working camera to document my experience.  If you are impatient and cannot wait for VFW to arrive, please visit their blog for your fashion needs.  

Reasons why you should go to Vancouver Fashion Week:

1) You are mesmerized by runway shows: the clothes, the hair, the models, the make up, the background music... the whole works!

2) You may be asked to get a photo taken of your stylish outfit by photographers

3) To mingle with other fashion enthusiasts and industry members

4) Support local Vancouver designers :)

5) To see what the fall and winter trends will be before the summer starts
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