Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Pumpkin and Nails

Banana Republic sweater and Citizen of Humanity Jeggings in Star

So I just came home from craving pumpkins at my friends house. I did a "Forever Alone" pumpkin. I guess you will only understand it if you read those internet meme comics. I'm such a nerd - I'm so into those comics.

My Forever Alone pumpkin hahahahaha. It doesn't light up well because I chose a huge ass pumpkin.

all my friends pumpkins and mine. You see a troll face meme as well?

Here's some nice Halloween nails I found on the internet:


There are super cute but I don't have the time to duplicate them for Halloween.


  1. Even as a lantern he is forever alone, destined to not glow like other lanterns xD

  2. hahahahahha!!! I KNOW! it doesn't glow because it was so hard to carve it in a way to make it glow..XD

  3. I LOLed at your pumpkin! hahaha

    Carving pumpkins with a bunch of friends sounds like fun :)


  4. Haha, great pumpkin. And those Frankenstein nails are beyond adorable.

  5. LOL. So festive :) Nobody wants to carve pumpkins at my house.

  6. Dana - hahah thanks! I'm glad it made you laugh. I had a smile the entire time while carving it. minus the stressful parts

    Rites of Beauty - are you going to do any halloween nails? I don't think I have the colours nor the time to

    Vonnie - awwwwwww. you should do it with your bf or siblings hehehe. or do it on the actual day. the pumpkins are so cheap on halloween. like so cheap that it's basically free hahaha.

  7. I love the pumpkins! My friends and I don't have the patience and creativity to have a pumpkin carving party/gathering :(


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