Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sweater Addiction

This is the 3rd post about sweaters. I think I'm going crazy for sweaters because I bought 5 in the last 7 days. I think one more of a particular long white cowl neck sweater will satisfy my collection and tie me over for fall and winter this year.

This was my outfit of the day.

H&M blouse, Sirens leggings, Aldo boots, Louis Vuitton mini lin speedy 30

I bought these two sweaters from Forever 21

This one was on the Forever 21 USA website for $29.80 CAD

I fell in love with it instantly! It looks so good on and it's quite soft.

I love the hints of pink against the greys. I normally don't like much colour in my wardrobe but the pinks are subtly incorporated which I can handle. I hope it doesn't make me look too cutesy.

This one on the Forever 21 Canada website for $35.80

I think this outfit looks great with my dark brown boots. I most likely won't be wearing it tied at the front. I got 10% off my purchase because I had that Forever 21 promo card from the Shop Till You Drop event. I also used my $10 Metrotown gift card towards a part of this transaction as well.

I saw this sweater at Suzy Shier.

It was regular priced at $30. Everything was 30% off and I had a $5 Suzy Shier gift card. I'm usually a hit or miss for this store (usually a miss or I find one nice thing in the entire store).

This needs a longer tank top for sure.

I love the cute winter designs on the shoulders. I like how there's a hint of lavender incorporated into this sweater as well. My sweaters always get ruined somehow (nicked, lint pills, warped in the wash etc) anyways so I never really spend too much on them.

Also, I bought a tripod today. I hope to take better outfit photos after Thanksgiving.

Note to self: You have enough sweaters now (but you are allowed to get a particular white one).


  1. hey kerrilyn! it's jessica! i noticed u always wear siren leggings..How's the quality and price?! I like leggings cuz they r so comfy but i really wouldnt pay more than $15(after tax) unless they r super goood quality. Also, whts the material?i hate the ones that r kinda see-through or wool cuz i get itchy :(

  2. Hey jessica! The brand of my leggins are "seduction" and they are found in urban planet, sirens and those cheap store. Most of them are the kinda of see through at your bum if you bend over. However, I found a pair that has a band on the gem and it's thicker so it's not see through. That one is a good quality. I hate nylon leggings because they always have a rip in them from wear. The quality of the seduction ones are okay but I mean for $5-7. I think it's a good deal. I usually try a bunch of those leggings on because each one is different in sheerness. I only like to wear cotton leggings =)

  3. I love love love the second sweater you bought from F21! :)

  4. thanks Lori! you should get it. its in stores on the Love 21 level in metro

  5. I like the Suzy Sheer Sweater, definitely a cute addition to any fall outfit!
    Bella xo

  6. i looove your style! i want those last 2 sweaters! i used to think any sweater with a print pattern looked like "my grandma made this for me and i've been forced to wear it" but those two really look stylish and cozy.

    I WANT!

  7. Thanks for the compliment Cocoabee =) These sweaters are still at the Forever 21 location. HAHAHA. your comment about pattern sweaters + grandmas made me laughed so hard. lol. because its so true

  8. Hi Kerri!

    Thanks for showing your readers the different sweaters at different stores. It saves us time when looking for sweaters because we know what the fit is like and what to look out for (I trust your style sense). Happy Thanksgiving!

    - Doreen

  9. Hey Doreen! Thanks for reading. The grey/pink sweater is in a medium and the cream/brown one is in a small. The Suzy Shier one is a small as well. I'm following your blog now =) I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving as well <3


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