Friday, October 21, 2011

Vasanti Review

I was gifted a Vasanti lip gloss and blush from the Vasanti representative at the Vancouver Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers event. I've been using the lip gloss and blush everyday for about 1 week now. I was dying to do a review on this brand of products but I didn't wear any or much make up when I was healing from my eye surgery.

Vasanti cosmetics is a Canadian brand that specializes in light weight make up products that have high pigmentation.

The lip gloss I had was a bright pink sheer gloss called Caribbean. It retails for $15. The smell of the lipgloss was heavenly! It smells like a fresh scent (not a sweet, fruity or floral scent) that I can't describe. It doesn't smell like a cheap make up smell. That's all I can say haha. The lipgloss is very light weight and not very sticky. The lipgloss goes on sheer so it's not a super bright hot pink.

(left side: normal wear, right side: to show the high pigmentation)
eep, my skin looks so dry here..

The blush I got was called Rockies and it is a matte coral peach tone blush. This retails for $15. I dislike blushes that have a pearlescent or glitter in them. This blush is super pigmented and went on silky. I have to apply it with a light hand or else I look over done. I love this colour so much.

Here's me wearing the blush and the lipgloss before I went shopping and volunteering.

Overall, I think Vasanti products are worth the money. If you are looking for something that's higher end than drugstore brands but not as pricey as the brands in Sephora then Vasanti is definitely for you. Thank you Vasanti for letting me try out your products.

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