Tuesday, October 4, 2011

H&M coupon and Sweaters

I bought some more stuff at H&M yesterday because I got a 25% off H&M coupon. Oh So Vonnie told me about this promo (Thanks girl!) for Virgin Mobile members here. If you are not a Virgin Mobile user, just ask a friend who is one and borrow their number. When the coupon is generated, there is a specific barcode for each coupon that's unique to everyone. I plan to enter it a few more times with different emails hehe.

Since I bought some stuff from H&M a week ago and had the receipt and didn't cut the tags off yet. I just went back to re-buy my stuff with the coupon. I had my eyes on a few sweaters and blouses.

The possible buys: cream/baby pink blouse, cream/black blouse, oatmeal turtleneck sweater, grey vneck sweater, grey shimmer blouse, and pleather high waisted shorts

Wilfred peacoat, Burberry scarf, Siren's leggings, Calvin Klein OTK boots, and Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha bag

I wore this to go shopping. I'm feeling really cold lately.

I love this sweater! It's clearly too big for me in size medium. Sometimes I can make mediums fit because of my build. They didn't have any smalls that day so I will try another location for it. I love the oatmeal colour the the big big droopy turtleneck. I usually hate wool type of sweaters because they make me itch but this one is an exception. I love how it covers the bum so I can wear it with leggings. This was $34.95. It came in a navy, black, camel, and plum purple as well.

I bought this grey vneck (and the same one in black as well but it's not pictured). I love how slim fitting it is and how it covers your bum. The material isn't wool. It's cotton and polyamide. It's super soft.

This sweater was really cheap at $17.95 so with 25% off it's about $13! This came in a plum purple, navy blue, white and a camel colour as well.

I tried on this blouse and I did not like it on me. It's really wrinkly and sort of makes me look like a waiter? Also when I turn to the side, I look like a pregnant penguin. This blouse was $34.95. The back is a bit longer than the front - which I like. The cream/pink blouse and the pleather shorts was also no. Also, I bought the grey shimmer blouse - no pictures needed since I modeled it in my other post here.


  1. Really love the v-neck sweaters you picked up - I need to check out the white and camel ones - they seem like great cold-weather staples. I LOVE H&M :-)

  2. thanks Ella! you will love these sweaters because they aren't the super thick and itchy types. model them when you buy yours =)

  3. I like your sweaters more :O they have a longer hem and they're probably softer! Gotta check out H&M some time. Usually I never find anything I like whenever I go :( haha

  4. hey thanks mandy =) yeah definitely drop by the sweater section and hunt these babies down. i think u will really like them as well =) it's cheaper than your zara ones too =)

  5. I like the items you picked out :) The coupon sounds like a good deal - do you know if you can use more than 1 in the same transaction (i.e. if you buy more than 1 item)?

  6. Hey thanks! The coupon applies to everything in your one transaction (I had like 5 things in one transaction and got 25% off every item). But once that coupon is used, it's done. i would just enter my name, different email and same phone number to generate a new 25% coupon if you want to shop at H&M again.

    I hope I answered your question correctly =)

  7. Oh cool, I thought you could only use one coupon for one item! Thanks :)

  8. Hey, nevermind. I think it is 25% off one item per transaction. The weird thing is, I bought several items that day and they forgot to scan one and it got placed in my bag so that's why I felt like I got 25% the entire purchase.


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