Thursday, September 13, 2012

It Has Been One Year

I started this blog a year ago on September 11, 2011.  

EmicablyYours, Oh So Vonnie and me (photo credit to Oh So Vonnie)

It all started with my friends.  They mentioned that I should create a blog because it was something that they could see me doing.  That fact is true.  On my personal Facebook page, I usually post pictures of my outfit of the day, clothing items or shoes that I bought or want to buy.

The only blogger I knew back then was MaddyLoves - her blog focuses mainly on beauty and make up. She said I should go for it as well.  With that, I started There's Something About Kerri.  

I'm glad I created this blog.  Within one year of blogging, I had the opportunity to do so many different things that I would have not been able to do if I was not a blogger.  I've grown so much from my old posts.  I got the courage to show my face for outfit photos, improved on lighting issues, took better photos that represent me better, learned how to deal with haters, and so much more.  This was my first post ever here

My highlights within the year:

* Meeting other Fashion and Beauty Bloggers *

I almost met Shop With Jenna one time but I was intimidated to go up to her at the time.  I've got to know some bloggers better like: Initialed, oh so vonnie, EmicablyYours, alison*elleMacnunu, Perle Ivoire and more. 

* Being Recognized In Public *

This rarely happens because I'm no where close in popularity level as some other Vancouver Fashion Bloggers...but it's nice when it does happen.  

The most interesting experience was when I was yelling at this women at the bus stop (Back story: She needed money to get on the bus so I was kind enough to give her a bus faresaver.  Then she proceeded to beg for more money from other people at the bus stop.  Clearly she had no intention to take the bus so I called her out on it and yelled at her in Cantonese).  Then a sweet girl comes up to me and asks if I'm "There's Something About Kerri".  I hesitated and said yes because felt embarrassed of my first impression I made upon her lol.  Turns out she was another blogger as well, Love Lainey.  

If I didn't talk to Love Lainey that day.  She wouldn't have told me Holt Renfrew's new stock of YSL rings.  Then I wouldn't have been able to purchase my YSL special addition arty ring in Love Pink here.

* Wearing Complimentary Clothes and Testing Complimentary Make Up *

OASAP sent me their popular crochet shorts in black and beige.  I wore them frequently in the summer.  I loved them.  They made the typical "tank top, shorts and flip flops" summer outfit NOT look so frumpy and casual.  Read more here and here

I tested then reviewed numerous brands of make up and beauty products that I got from gift bags.  My favorite items to test were from: Stila, Schick, Vasanti, Marcelle, Deborah Lippmann, and more beauty products

* Going to Store Grand Openings *

The events at Kiehl's were always the best!  At these events, we had the chance to test out their quality beauty products.  The managers gave presentations to educate us about the history of Kiehls and their company's impact with the environment.  We also had individual consulting time with the sales consultants and their recommendations were tailored to our specific beauty needs.  There was also fun photo booths and delicious catered appetizers at these events as well.  Read more about it here and here.  

* Viewing Trunk Shows and Product Launches *

At the Jason Matlo trunk show at Fine Finds in Yaletown.  Read more here

Stila's Vibrant in Vancouver make up palette.  Read more about it here

- Watching Fashion Shows

I went to Vancouver Fashion Week.  I blogged about my experiences here, here, and here.

I was invited to go to VFW to watch the runway shows for Fall/Winter 2012 and Spring/Summer 2012.  I was lucky enough to meet and greet the producer, the producer's assistant, meet a social media star Sandra Chung, and sit front row for a few of the shows.  One of the nights, some of the ladies from The Real Housewives of Vancouver were at the show as well.  

The runway for VFW F/W 2012 

I also got on The Best Dressed List!!  I mixed delicate lace with faux leather.

Vancouver Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2013 starts September 19th - 23rd, 2012.  VFW features local and international designers from around the world.  The show takes place at The Chinese Cultural Center.  You can purchase tickets at the TicketMaster website. 

- - - - 

In closing, I am blessed with all the connections and friends that I made from being a fashion blogger.  I will be starting me giveaway soon once I get my item(s) sorted out.  

Thank you for the followers who take time out of their day to read my blog.
I know that I have been inconsistent with updates but some of you still care enough to follow and I'm very appreciative of that.  

xoxo, Kerri 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Last Day of Summer

Well it was the last day of summer heat for us in Vancouver on Saturday.  My friend came down to White Rock to have some ice cream and to take some beautiful pictures.  I got some nice blog pictures during the process.  We only had one hour but we were quite productive within that one hour.

The sun's rays beaming through the clouds look so heavenly

The pier

She and I usually have adventurous tastes for food.  My friend got a ricotta cheese and pear flavor and I got lavender and honey.  Both tasted amazing.  I had a bad experience with a lavender ice cream once.  But this one didn't taste like soap!  As you can tell, I was impatient and I had to eat mine.  

My outfit for the day:

T. Babaton second skin tank (similar), Forever 21 shorts, Spring flip flops, 
Chloe sunglasses, and Balenciaga bag (similar)

This is my typical summer outfit.  I know, I'm a bore. 

My favorite and only light coloured bag that I own.  Balenciaga doesn't make the giant studs anymore.  I'm glad I got this colour combination before that particular hardware got discontinued.  The colour of my bag is Papyrus.  The colour can look different under certain lighting.  My friend's camera captured the true colour really well in the above photo.  It is a light taupe-grey colour.  

For a light coloured bag, this bag has held up very well with minimal staining.  There's no stains on the handles or the body of the bag.  However, there's very small blue jean marks on the back corners of the bag due to it rubbing against my jeans.  The blue dye eventually rubs off.  I don't use any sprays or leather protectants on this bag.  

Summer is my least favorite season to dress up for.  Everything is too short, too bright, too floral, and just overall too girly.  I am quite boring and I stick to blacks, neutrals and pale colours.  I prefer fall and winter clothes.  

* photo credits to Vanessa S.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend - Portland Trip

I went down to Oregon for the weekend for some shopping, eating and sight seeing.  I surprisingly didn't buy much since I had a mental list of clothing items I needed to buy.  

From Forever 21, I bought a neon yellow peplum top for $10.50 USD (similar style) and charcoal grey trousers with a lace stripe down the leg (for $22.80 USD).  From the Ann Taylor outlet, I bought the signature pump in porclini (similar style) - a taupe bone colour (it was regular $155, on sale for $80 but extra 40% off and additional 10% off worked out to be $44 USD).  These three items make a great outfit.  Just throw in a nice bag and the outfit is complete.  

I needed shorts for working out so I got these Under Armor ones at the outlet (for $10 USD, regular $40) and these Lululemon running Light As Air shorts - similar style (for $39 USD, regular $58).  I bought these PJ shorts from Forever 21 for cheap ($6.80 USD).

I also bought my Laura Mercier minderal foundation for $36USD (or ~$42 CAD) and NARS concealer for $22 (or ~$28 CAD).  I hate buying make up.  It's so expensive.  It's annoying how much darker my face got over the summer because of running outside and playing in the water at the pool/lake.  

There's one last final item I bought.  It's a shoe.  I don't have it with me at the moment but it's pretty different from what I normally wear.  I'll create another post dedicated to it soon enough.

The last day was reserved for sight seeing.  We drove to Cannon Beach to see the Haystack Rocks and had an early dinner at a local tavern.  It was super windy and cold that particular day.  There were surfers in the water, people flying kites, lots of dead birds on the shore (not sure why) and washed up dead jelly fish.  You couldn't tan or swim in the water leisurely that day because of the high winds and the cold weather.  We took the longer but scenic route back to Vancouver along the Oregon Coast Hwy to avoid the traffic along the I-5.

I was told that I look out of place on this beach by how I dress and carrying Prada.  Then again, I usually look out of place.  I'm wearing:

Forever 21 jacket and shorts, Jacob tank, Chloe sunglasses, Spring flip flops and Prada bag

Then today, I had my first day of school.  I only had 4 hours of sleep and I was so tired.  I woke up early to go to school to find out my orientation didn't start till the afternoon.  I took the time to explore the campus and sort out the things I was missing.  

September is going to be a busy month.  Not only with going to school full time, I have 6 important birthdays (yay for possible photo ops), my blog's 1 year anniversary giveway,  Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2013, IVSA and Fashion Night Out on my plate as well.  I've got to be super selective with my time for this month or else I'm going to pass out from exhaustion.  
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