Saturday, October 22, 2011

Zara Haul

I went shopping at Zara before and after my volunteer shift. I hate looking for pants. All the trousers looked the same in the store when I tried to find the 2 specific ones on my list that I made in a previous post. I did walk away with 2 blouses and a pair of oxford booties.

I will do some modeling pictures when I get home. I took these pictures on my Blackberry so the quality is not very good and doesn't make the clothes look as good as they appear in person. Also the lighting in the Zara fitting rooms made the pictures look weird.

Here is my outfit of the day:

J Brand jeggings in Olympia, Suzy Shier blouse and Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats

I bought this leopard blouse. It's made with a really drapey fabric. There is black trim on the slits of the chest faux pockets. I'm going to wear this blouse tucked in front with with black skinnies, black pumps and my Chanel bag. I love blouses with the collarless v-neckline. This blouse was $45.95.

I was wearing my Banana Republic trench earlier that day and I noticed one of my cuffs on the hem of my sleeves were missing. I'm so torn.... I have to retrace my steps on where I left it the last time I wore it. Anyways, I tried on these suede oxford booties.

A closer look of them. The heel is a cone heel so it's more comfortable for walking. There's cuffs near the ankle area and they were $69.95.

This blouse was the blouse I was eyeing. It's so beautiful. There are flecks of silver shimmer in the material. It's dry clean only which sucks but I never seen a blouse like this so I bought it anyways. I kind of like this outfit.

The detail of this blouse. It retailed for $69.95.

I'll post better photos of me wearing these items soon when I get home. I hope you all are having a great weekend despite all this rain.


  1. LOVE ZARA! The leopard shirt is a must have :)
    Bella xo

  2. Girrrrl big haul! I should totally check out Zara for their blouses!

  3. I really like that shimmery blouse. What's the secret to taking dressing room pics? I went shopping last week and tried to get some good snaps but they came out all washed out and fuzzy ...

  4. I love everything you got! Especially those suede booties, but can't find them online :(

  5. ahh luv your mouse pumps im saving for some at the moment cant wait to get some :) x


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