Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shimmery Zara blouse outfit + Dubstep!

I put together a possible future outfit.

Zara blouse, J Brand jeggings, Christian Louboutin pumps, Forever 21 necklace and Banana Republic clutch

I'm in love with this blouse. I'm so glad I bought it. Even though cleaning it is a hassle (dry clean only - because of the silver flecks) and I can't even steam it at home.

It definitely contrasts with boring black jeggings well.

The accessory details

I'm a blurry flower lol!

This week is going to be a busy Halloween week. I'm going to be wearing two costumes for 2 different parties on the Friday and Saturday. One is the female gladiator and the other is either a black swan/bunny/cat outfit (I haven't really decided on my last minute costume yet). I'll post outfit pictures of me wearing them soon.

I've been recently getting into dubstep. I'm a fan of the songs with female vocals but not so much the super hardcore dubstep songs. My friend has a music blog: DMR Beatz that features lots of great music. He's super passionate about music and he even does interviews with artists as well. Go check it out =) Even if dubstep isn't your thing, it's a great website to introduce your friends or boyfriends who may like this genre of music.

So far my 2 favorite dubstep songs on repeat are: Skrillex - With You, Friends (Long Drive) and Maka and Waeck - Breathe (Vexare Remix).


  1. Nice blouse! My bf and friends are all obsessed with dubstep but I can't get into it at all. Maybe it's one of those... acquired tastes. :(

  2. What a gorgeous blouse. I am glad you got it.

  3. thanks Kerri, appreciate the shout out on your blog. Vexare does do a good mix of that song doesn't he?


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