Sunday, October 30, 2011

My 2nd Halloween Costume - Gladiator Girl

red capes are awesome! from the back I look like a wonder woman =)

Happy Halloween readers!

I bought my costume online at I had to get it altered because the small was so big from waist down. I love the costume though! Three of our friends did an ancient roman and greek theme costume. There was a gorilla with a bikini and a tutu, a guy from the hangover with the baby, a slutty unicorn, a convict, a pilot with a gifted angry bird costume and more!

The red cape is my favorite part. I altered the skirt really short so I had to wear spandex shorts underneath. The cape totally shielded my bum in case I ever had a wardrobe malfunction. I forgot to put my arm bands on while I was modeling the costume. They are hard to put on by oneself so I had my friend tie it for me before we left.

I had such a great time with my friends last night. I got some major bruising on my right thigh due to a silly slapping game the previous night. I put concealer on it and it hid the bruises pretty well. If you know me well, I always get injured somehow when massive amounts of alcohol is involved lol. Oh did I mention, I lost my voice as well and I went to work with 4.5 hours of sporadic sleep but felt pretty great? Yeah, I don't know how I do that to myself..

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shimmery Zara blouse outfit + Dubstep!

I put together a possible future outfit.

Zara blouse, J Brand jeggings, Christian Louboutin pumps, Forever 21 necklace and Banana Republic clutch

I'm in love with this blouse. I'm so glad I bought it. Even though cleaning it is a hassle (dry clean only - because of the silver flecks) and I can't even steam it at home.

It definitely contrasts with boring black jeggings well.

The accessory details

I'm a blurry flower lol!

This week is going to be a busy Halloween week. I'm going to be wearing two costumes for 2 different parties on the Friday and Saturday. One is the female gladiator and the other is either a black swan/bunny/cat outfit (I haven't really decided on my last minute costume yet). I'll post outfit pictures of me wearing them soon.

I've been recently getting into dubstep. I'm a fan of the songs with female vocals but not so much the super hardcore dubstep songs. My friend has a music blog: DMR Beatz that features lots of great music. He's super passionate about music and he even does interviews with artists as well. Go check it out =) Even if dubstep isn't your thing, it's a great website to introduce your friends or boyfriends who may like this genre of music.

So far my 2 favorite dubstep songs on repeat are: Skrillex - With You, Friends (Long Drive) and Maka and Waeck - Breathe (Vexare Remix).

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Outfit of the Night - Lacey blouse

I'm going to my friends birthday dinner tonight and this is what I'm going to be wearing. Pondering if this would be a good outfit..

H&M lace top, J brand jeggings, Aldo bag and shoes

I absolutely adore this H&M lace blouse.

Aldo bag

These are the cheap J brands I got from Revolve Clothing =)

Leopard Blouse Outfit

This is the outfit I wore to drink beer at Bier Craft one night.

Zara blouse, J brand jeggings, Aldo pumps, Forever 21 necklace, Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha bag

Black jeggings are a staple in my wardrobe. I just can't get enough of them!

The goods

Till next time!

Frulini beer cocktail. My fruitiest drink of the night.

Halloween Pumpkin and Nails

Banana Republic sweater and Citizen of Humanity Jeggings in Star

So I just came home from craving pumpkins at my friends house. I did a "Forever Alone" pumpkin. I guess you will only understand it if you read those internet meme comics. I'm such a nerd - I'm so into those comics.

My Forever Alone pumpkin hahahahaha. It doesn't light up well because I chose a huge ass pumpkin.

all my friends pumpkins and mine. You see a troll face meme as well?

Here's some nice Halloween nails I found on the internet:


There are super cute but I don't have the time to duplicate them for Halloween.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Zara Haul

I went shopping at Zara before and after my volunteer shift. I hate looking for pants. All the trousers looked the same in the store when I tried to find the 2 specific ones on my list that I made in a previous post. I did walk away with 2 blouses and a pair of oxford booties.

I will do some modeling pictures when I get home. I took these pictures on my Blackberry so the quality is not very good and doesn't make the clothes look as good as they appear in person. Also the lighting in the Zara fitting rooms made the pictures look weird.

Here is my outfit of the day:

J Brand jeggings in Olympia, Suzy Shier blouse and Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats

I bought this leopard blouse. It's made with a really drapey fabric. There is black trim on the slits of the chest faux pockets. I'm going to wear this blouse tucked in front with with black skinnies, black pumps and my Chanel bag. I love blouses with the collarless v-neckline. This blouse was $45.95.

I was wearing my Banana Republic trench earlier that day and I noticed one of my cuffs on the hem of my sleeves were missing. I'm so torn.... I have to retrace my steps on where I left it the last time I wore it. Anyways, I tried on these suede oxford booties.

A closer look of them. The heel is a cone heel so it's more comfortable for walking. There's cuffs near the ankle area and they were $69.95.

This blouse was the blouse I was eyeing. It's so beautiful. There are flecks of silver shimmer in the material. It's dry clean only which sucks but I never seen a blouse like this so I bought it anyways. I kind of like this outfit.

The detail of this blouse. It retailed for $69.95.

I'll post better photos of me wearing these items soon when I get home. I hope you all are having a great weekend despite all this rain.

Versace for H&M

It's going to be released on November 17, 2011. I never bothered to wait in line for any H&M collaborations. In hindsight, I wish I went to the Jimmy Choo one before. The Lanvin one was so so in my opinion. I never payed attention to the other previous collaborations. So I thought maybe this year I'd make an effort to because I started to shop at H&M more.

The whole Versace for H&M collection can be viewed at Fashionologie's website. There's only 3 things that I would want to be from there. Everything is too colourful and eccentric for my tastes.

My picks:

I want this skirt so bad! I love the signature Versace symbols on the hem. It retails for $129.95

I want this belt as well. It's $59.95

I love Versace dresses because they are so ethereal, flowly and feminine. This one is for $149.95.

I want the skirt the most, then the belt and then the dress. Maybe I'll make the effort to wait in line in the early morning if I don't have work.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Vasanti Review

I was gifted a Vasanti lip gloss and blush from the Vasanti representative at the Vancouver Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers event. I've been using the lip gloss and blush everyday for about 1 week now. I was dying to do a review on this brand of products but I didn't wear any or much make up when I was healing from my eye surgery.

Vasanti cosmetics is a Canadian brand that specializes in light weight make up products that have high pigmentation.

The lip gloss I had was a bright pink sheer gloss called Caribbean. It retails for $15. The smell of the lipgloss was heavenly! It smells like a fresh scent (not a sweet, fruity or floral scent) that I can't describe. It doesn't smell like a cheap make up smell. That's all I can say haha. The lipgloss is very light weight and not very sticky. The lipgloss goes on sheer so it's not a super bright hot pink.

(left side: normal wear, right side: to show the high pigmentation)
eep, my skin looks so dry here..

The blush I got was called Rockies and it is a matte coral peach tone blush. This retails for $15. I dislike blushes that have a pearlescent or glitter in them. This blush is super pigmented and went on silky. I have to apply it with a light hand or else I look over done. I love this colour so much.

Here's me wearing the blush and the lipgloss before I went shopping and volunteering.

Overall, I think Vasanti products are worth the money. If you are looking for something that's higher end than drugstore brands but not as pricey as the brands in Sephora then Vasanti is definitely for you. Thank you Vasanti for letting me try out your products.

Which Necklace Should I Buy?

I like these 2 necklaces but I just only want one. I need some options from you guys on which to buy.

1) House of Harlow necklace in khaki $75 USD

I like the simplicity of this necklace. I feel like it can be dressed up or down as well. I don't like the fact that I've seen some dupes of it online (but not in stores yet).

2) Kenneth Jay Lane turquoise spike $70 USD

I've been searching for a turquoise stone necklace for a while after seeing Megan Fox wear one with her black dress and it just gave that nice pop of colour. I feel like it's only for dressy occasions. The spike is so unique and I haven't seen a stone necklace like that before. I've seen metal spike necklaces at Forever 21 but it doesn't look the same. So this necklace hasn't been really duped yet.

Also, I think the necklaces are pretty much the same size. Just one picture is closer up than the colour. I wonder which necklace is best for my wardrobe (which is pretty much black, white, neutrals).

Which necklace do you think is best for me?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Shopping List for Friday

I got my computer back! The track pad was only $60 to fix from Apple at Metrotown. Good thing I went there because the Downtown location was telling me they can't waive the labour fee for me. The Metrotown location didn't even mention anything about labour fees and just waived it for me without me asking. The guy was so nice.

I realized I need some trousers in my wardrobe. I hope to find these at Zara when I go shopping with my friend on Friday.

I'm gravitating towards these more because it looks more casual. These are $79.90 USD on the Zara website.

This one is great as well and is a bit more form fitting. These are $49.90 USD at the Zara website.

I like this Zara blouse as well because of the beige colour and the metallic flecks. I hope it looks good in person. It's $79.90 USD at the Zara website.

This shirt as well for $59.90 USD from the Zara website.

I need new nude flats since my Zara ones are getting ruined. I hope patent ones will hold up better. I'm going to get them in preparation when my other ones die. It's only $29.90 USD at the Zara website.

Other stuff I'm eyeing:

Kenneth Jay Lane Turquoise Spike Necklace for $70 at Revolve Clothing.

Deborah Lippmann in Glitter in the Air. The colour is too cute. It's a sheer light light blue with specks of hexogonal easter egg coloured pink and blues glitters. I'm probably going to order this nail polish online on the weekend. Nail Polish Canada sells this nail polish for $22.

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