Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Floral and Pastel

I went to Victoria over the weekend with a bunch of friends to celebrate my best friend's convocation.  I'm so proud of her.  She's one of my most adventurous and ambitious friends.  

I'm pretty picky about my floral patterns.  The floral design on this dress isn't too cutesy because it's against a black skirt.  I paired it with a pastel lavender colour to accent some of the flowers in the skirt.  I'm wearing the most comfortable wedges ever that I got from Nordstrom Rack for $40! Yay! They are 5 inches in height so they make me super tall. 

Aritzia blazer, tank top and skirt(old), Chanel camellia woc,
 Charles by Charles David shoesForever 21 necklace and Chloe sunglasses

Loves the juicy apple red colour in the sun

Victoria is beautiful.  Here I am waiting in line to go eat brunch at Blue Fox Cafe.  
It only took us a 30 minute wait on a Friday... not bad considering I heard the 
wait is about an hour at times. 

The beautiful scenery.  We came to this look out point 2 years ago for some great photos. 

My friend helped me take some photos on her DSLR camera.  For a fashion and beauty blogger, I really dislike staged photos of myself.  I guess I can't really master the idea of looking natural.  So here are some pretty photos with an awkward person in it haha.

These are my favorite flats so far!  I wear them way too much that people are starting to think that I'm one of those homeless people with only one pair of shoes. 

Thanks to my friend V.S. for the photos.  She's really convinced me to get a better camera.  

After walking through these fluffy weeds, I scratched my leg on a prickle bush and then I got hives.  Typical me..

I ate and shopped like I was on vacation.  I haven't been to the gym since my eye injury.  My body is definitely feeling the repercussions of it... things are starting to get jiggly.   I do miss the gym but thinking about it is sort of depressing.  There are still some steps to take before I feel better to go back to that gym again.  My injured eye feels better with the steroid eye drops and nightly ointment that I'm using.  My vision still isn't as great as it was before having laser eye surgery.  

Also, it's the Aritzia Private Pre-Sale season.  I bought $620 worth of versatile stuff.  I special ordered/store transfered 6 out of the 8 items I bought.  I only went home with 2 things.  I realize the sales associate ringing up my one of my special orders wrong.  It sort of sucks I have to go back to Aritzia at least 3 more times.  That's 3 more chances of buying more things...

Guess who's sick again?  Yup me. Sucks.

I've got loads of material to blog about.  Stay tuned about for:

- a Kiehls product review post
- a Kiehls store opening post
- Stila swatches and review
- Hawaiian Tropic sunscreens review
- H20 beauty products review
- an outfit photo with black crochet shorts

Friday, June 8, 2012

Girl Crush

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Megan Fox

Blake Lively

Miranda Kerr

No homo

[pictures are not mine and were found via Google]

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stila Cosmetics Event

I got an invite to attend the Stila Cosmetics event held at Opus Hotel.  Stila is debuting their limited edition Vibrant in Vancouver Travel Palette along with other Stila make up products and Ardell lashes. I usually get my Stila cosmetics from Sephora and my Ardell lashes from Superstore. 

 I was super excited to attend this launch party because I use products from both brands quite often.  Also, I told myself that I would not miss this event..even with an injured eye ball. I didn't care, I was set on going. 

(Sorry for the glare in the photo)

The event was beautifully decorated with jewel toned peonies and hydrangea flowers that accented the Stila beauty products.  We tested out various make up products from their lip gloss in passion fruit (smells amazing by the way) and powdered blushes.  

Stila illuminators, bronzers and eye shadow palettes galore!

I'm wearing a Forever 21 tank and necklace, 7 For All Mankind jeans (similar),
 Ferragamo flats, and a Chanel flap.

What is Oh So Vonnie wearing? You should ask her or visit her blog.

Love the barbie pink blush on the right

We snacked on yummy oysters with various sauces than your plain old tabasco.  
I tried the far left one and it was an apple cider vinegar.

They fed us quite well.  There were always mini treats being served to us while we sipped on delicious fruit cocktails.  My favorite was the prosecco passion fruit bubbly.

Macnunu and I at the oyster and sushi bar.  I hope you can't tell that my right eye is still red.

I keep forgetting to take pictures of things during the night.  These lemon custard desserts were a nice surprise.  Anything custard is good in my books.  

 I got a Stila girl drawing done of me by the talented Mei Yu. Super cute!

The Vibrant in Vancouver Travel Palette.  I love how the colours are very wearable for every day.

Stila is known for their pigmented shimmery eye shadows and convertable lip/cheek colours.

Ardell was present at the event as well.  They girls helped us put on fake eye lashes.  The best seller are the 105 lashes.  The girls from Ardell kindly offered to put a pair of eye lashes on me.  I really love the look because they are pretty dramatic but not too outrageous on my eyes.  The 4th best selling lashes are the 110 because they are more natural.  

A more detailed photo of the lashes.  I love Ardell lashes. I'm excited to try the demi lashes which I have never worn before. 

In the end we left with gift bags from Stila and Ardell.  They had some awesome stuff that I will be reviewing soon. 

Here's a sneak peak at the swag.

Thank you Stila and Ardell for hosting such a fun and informative event.  
I'm looking forward to trying more of your products.  

Friday, June 1, 2012

Life Update

I haven't been blogging much lately.  Forgive me readers.  So I guess I'll update you guys a little bit.

I've been sick a lot.  I had food poisoning one day because I made some nachos at home with some questionable cheese and sour cream (that tasted fine at first...).  Then a couple days ago I had an eye injury at the gym.  I was using a resistance elastic band doing a leg work out for toning, then all of the sudden, it snapped.  One end came up and smoked me in the right eye.  My friends came to my aid really quick and drove me to the ER.  After a very long wait, I found out I have a hemorrhage behind my pupil. The next day I went to see an Opthamologist and he couldn't see through my eyes well enough to determine the damage because there's too much blood.  Basically I have to have bed rest for 5 days - 1 week so the blood can clear and he can look through my eyes.

I'm so mad that I'm missing work.  I can't do anything that requires a lot of walking, bending over and lifting because that will make my hemorrhage bleed again.  They gave me an eye patch to wear.  It's clear and it's not one of those black ones - Boo, I wanted to be a pirate.  Now I have to take stupid transit to see my doctor since I can't drive.  Being able to not drive is horrible.  I feel like the modern day handicap.

Hmm.. so my dating life has been.. colourful.  I've yet to find out what I want.  But I know they don't want a girl with one eye! Haha... but apparently this one guy still wants to hang out regardless.

See ya around readers.  I'll try to blog a bit more.  I thought I could catch up on my tv shows during this down time but most of the times, my eyes just want to close.
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