Friday, October 7, 2011

LOU LOU's Shop Till You Drop Event

I went to the LOU LOU Shop Till You Drop event at Metrotown yesterday from 6-9pm. The first 250 people get wristbands to claim a swag bag. I went to this event with Oh So Vonnie and my friend, VS. The swag bag was HUGE and so heavy. Check out Oh So Vonnie's pictures of the products in the bag on her blog here. I don't have or remember all of it because I gave some to VS who came later.

This was the line up. I was well above the 100 person mark. I think I was around 70-80 person mark. I got there at 4:30pm and they handed out wristbands at 5pm (but really at 5:20pm). The gift bag and the goodies from the event was awesome! From what I remembered, the best things were: a $10 Metrotown gift card, a $5 Suzy Shier gift card, $25 ecco gift card, BOGO Qoola coupon, pop chips, lots of mini beauty supplies and much more. We also got a full size Bourjois eyeshadow and Guerlain face cream.

This picture was taken by Oh So Vonnie. We almost wore the same thing that day lol.

left: Oh So Vonnie
right: Me wearing grey H&M vneck sweater, Sirens leggings, Calvin Klein boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha bag and Mike's Hard Lemonade sunglasses

A lot of stores had some great deals going on. Also if you buy something from the participating stores, you get a free gift with purchase. Jacob gave out free nail polish with a purchase over a certain amount. The best deals in my opinion were: 40% regular price at Sterling shoes, 30% off Old Navy, 30% Suzy Sheir, and 10% off Forever 21. However, most stores gave you discount cards that you can use sometime in October so I just went back the next day to shop because it was so busy that day.

Me with a "inspired Balenciaga". More like a trying to copy almost every single detail of Balenciaga bag at Danier leather. Dislike.

The 3 of us completed the passport where you collect 10 stamps to have a chance at several prizes. The first prize is a $1000 shopping spree at BCBG. 3 hours wasn't a lot of time to collect 10 stamps and shop at the same time. We also visited the grand opening of Plenty at metrotown. They had wine tasting tables - where one of the wine guys playfully made fun of why I'm wearing sunglasses in the mall because it's not THAT bright. Then I told him I had laser eye surgery and then he felt bad lol.

Then we took silly photos in the photo booth at Old Navy. I only walked away with 2 pairs of furry socks from Old Navy (my feet always get cold in my leather boots) and a $13 lingerie corset set (for a future bachelorette party in Vegas next year if that's a possible theme). Which I won't show you because it's not very interesting.


  1. This was the reason I stayed away from Metrotown, I'm trying to not shop as much. Please let us know how your surgery goes! I haven't been commenting much but I actually do read your blog a lot.

    Oh and you told me that I should start blogging again on mv, I started up again so thanks for telling me that!

  2. Thanks for the support and checking out my posts =) I really appreciate it.

    I'll keep you posted about my surgery. I'm learning a few more things about it along the way as well. For example, some eye drops leaves a bitter tate in your mouth lol

    I only spent $24 that day on 2 pairs of furry socks and a lingere corset set hehe. And I walked way with so many goodies. I think the fact I had to rush to get these stamps made me not linger too long in a particular store to even shop lol. I knew I wanted to buy those socks at Old Navy tho. The Jacob lingere set was a bonus. $13 down from $70 =)

  3. I read Oh So Vonnie and she lead me here!

    I’m happy that you guys had a good time. Seriously though, all of my friends thought it was basically a dud. Even the LouLou video that came out today didn't have Vancouver IN it! What does that say about how they perceived the event. As a registered participant I just didn’t feel special. I felt like it was an over glorified sale that even the stores didn’t put much thought into. Except for Plenty & all the GUESS stores, everyone seemed to either pass off discount coupons for giftcard-cash or give really weak sales that could be gotten any day.

    As I said to Vonnie, on the whole, LouLou left the dregs to Vancouver. They didn’t care about the west. Montreal & Toronto were clearly favoured through this #shopdrop event.

    *** Please don’t hate me :( RC

  4. i didn't buy much from the event. only a corset and some fuzzy socks! the time from 6-9pm was not enough to collect 8-10 stamps AND shop at the same time =(

    did you end up shopping and buying anything good at that event? I liked the fact i got $10 metrotown gift card.


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