Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birthday Suit

The three consecutive weekend birthday celebration as finally come to a close.  Last night's party was amazing.  I was accompanied with great friends.  Everyone important was there.  

What more could I ask for?

Here's my party outfit. 

ASOS dress, Zara clutch, Spring waist belt and Christian Louboutin heels.

I actually didn't wear my pretty babies to the club because they would have been trashed.  I switched to nude patent heels instead.  Also, I've added my own belt to the dress because the original waist tie (that was the same chiffon material) didn't cinch my waist well and made me look frumpy.

It was so funny.  I specifically asked for no cakes (since I had too many birthday cakes and sweets from the last two weeks) and my wonderful friends got me a birthday pie!    

The silly thing is... I have no idea where this dress is.  I took it off last night in my room to switch to casual clothes to go eat some late night food.  Blah, I could not find it this morning for the life of me.  Also, this lighting makes me look super pale for some reason. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jason Matlo trunk show at Fine Finds

I went with a few bloggers (Initialed, oh so vonnie, EmicablyYours, alison*elle and more) and to Fine Finds in Yaletown for a trunk show for a local fashion designer Jason Matlo.

What I wore to the event:

Zara blouse (similar) and jeans, Forever 21 jacket, ASOS clutch (similar)
and Christian Louboutin heels

Jason Matlo had a variety of sexy and bold coloured dresses displayed in the store.

We sipped on some bubbly and wandered around the store looking at unique trinkets

Some beautiful earrings that caught my eye

Fine Finds gave us each a parting gift - a bracelet by Abbott Collection

with Jason Matlo and he commented on my mint jeans :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Tobi Purchases

Tobi has 30% off new arrivals every day.  I find the best time for selection on sizes for these new arrivals is at night around 12am.  It's free shipping in the USA for orders over $150.  It's hard to find $150 worth of stuff because things in my shopping cart kept on selling out as I never have enough for free shipping.  But last night I did have enough for free shipping and I placed an order.  Tobi doesn't charge you any Washington tax when you ship it to Point Roberts - yay!

Here are some things I bought:

Emerald Green Romper $61.  This romper's neckline is so beautiful.  I had to have it. 

Mint Wrap Dress for $36.  I love wrap style dresses because it's super flattering on. 

Ivory Wrap Dress for $36.  I had to get another one in a neutral colour. 

White Criss Cross tank for $37.  I was eyeing this top for a while.  
It was the only thing that wasn't on sale at the time.  But I think it can be tastefully worn with a high waisted high-low skirt or high waisted shorts/skirt.  

Today is my birthday!  My girl friend had gone into so much effort to make my birthday special last night before it hit midnight.  She was very elusive about my surprise and told me not to bring a purse, not to wear nice shoes and to bring a warm jacket.  She bought so many unique snacks, macaroons and pastries and we went to Kits Beach to enjoy the scenery and munch.  It was so cold at the beach but thankfully we had a blanket.  I think I overdosed on sweets.  I love my friend very much.  I told her that her future boyfriend would be very lucky since she's such a thoughtful and romantic person.

It's finally starting to kick in that it's my birthday.  Birthday weekend #2 starts today but weekend #3 is the one I'm really looking forward to as I see everyone who's important to me in one room.  I'm going for dinner tonight with a friend.  He, too, said it's a surprise and I have no idea where and what we are eating.  

Have a great Friday readers.  Enjoy the May long weekend.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

How To Choose a Bikini

Here are pictures of bikinis that I like and that I would personally wear.  Choosing the perfect bikini is tough because every girl's body shape is different.  I found all of these on the ASOS swimwear section.  

(I love the fringe.  I think it's going to be big this summer)

To smaller chested girls.  I would choose a bikini top that has ruffles to give the illusion that there is more going on by creating a voluminous texture.  If you don't like ruffles, I find buying a bigger sized bikini top gives the illusion of a bigger chest.  I usually associate more fabric material = more body parts to cover.  Maybe I'm the only one who thinks like that.  I think smaller chested girls look cuter in bandeau tops but not so great in triangle bikini tops.  

(I think this bikini set is universally flattering)

To bigger bottom girls.  I would stay away from patterns.  Patterned bottoms draw attention and that's something you don't want.  I don't think high waisted bottoms hides a bigger bottom.  I think it does the opposite since they have more material.  And I associate more fabric with the need to cover a larger body part.  I would just buy a regular solid bikini bottom.  Also, stay away from ruffled skirted bottoms.  I think it gives the illusion of a bigger bum.  

(love the top! it's super daring but it would create horrible tan lines)

To bigger chested girls.  Your options are endless.  You can wear almost any styled bikini top.

To smaller bottomed girls.  You would look so cute in those ruffled skirted bottoms.  Take advantage of that.  They are so cute and girly.  

Some more I like:

More tips:

- Avoid tan/beige coloured bikinis because you end up looking naked
- Don't buy tops that are unpadded because it's embarrassing if you get cold 
(if you know what I mean)
- Be careful with white bikinis and make sure they are lined properly 
so they aren't see through when wet
- Wear sunscreen and use a big hat to cover your face
- Get a brazilian wax 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Celebrity Outfit Inspirations

I love this entire beige look.  

Her floral kimono top is pretty cute

Rosie has such great style.  Cute mini Celine bag. 

My friend called this yellow Celine bag... a telephone book with handles LOL. 
 But I like it regardless.. in black of course.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Let's Get Personal Again

I did a similar post last time here answering some questions that readers have asked me and other questions I thought it would be interesting to share.  Some of my answers to questions have changed since that post. 

Let's start with some questions I have answered before. 

Q: Are you in school? 
A: I will be this September.  I'll be taking a Public Health Inspector program for 2 years.

Q: Do you have a boyfriend?
A: No.  My ex and I broke up about 2 months ago.  He's a great person but he wasn't the right one for me.

About Personal and Blog Stuff

Q: What are your measurements? 
A: For reference, I'm 5"4 and a half.  My bust is 34, waist is 26 and hips is 36.  My weight is in between 125-130lbs.  

Q: Do you have any hidden talents?
A: Lots! For one, I'm artistic and I can paint like Bob Ross.  

(here's a painting I did on the weekend) 

Q: What stores do you like to shop at?
A: Aritzia, H&M, and Forever 21.

Q: Why don't you have professional blog photos?
A: Because I am lazy and I hate being photographed solo in a photo. 

Q: Can you do a handbag collection post?
A: I'll do one eventually

Q: Will you ever do Youtube?
A: I hate the way I sound and look on camera.  Maybe one day I'll work up the courage to do some for fun. 

Q: Are you going to be selling any of your stuff?
A: Yes, I have some worth while stuff I need to depart with like some designer bags, designer shoes and some clothing items.  I'll make a post about the things I will be selling.

About Health and Nutrition

Q: What's your diet like?
A: I usually drink green tea, make a fruit smoothie in the morning for breakfast or eat some plain yogurt with cereal on top for breakfast.  For lunch, I make a whole wheat wrap with a chicken breast, dijon mustard and greens.  I snack on baby carrots, grape tomatoes and fruits.  For dinner, I eat homemade Chinese food which consists of lots of mustard greens, meat and I drink a soup in the end.  I avoid eating rice.  Late night snacking (which I'm trying to cut or decrease in moderation but I'm pretty bad at this), I eat chocolate, chips, trail mix and ice cream.

Q: Do you work out?
A: I go to the gym about 3-4 times a week.  I run on the treadmill and focus mostly on my abs and legs.  I rarely work on my arms because I like how slender they already are. 

Q: How are your eyes after laser eye surgery?
A: I did PRK laser eye surgery at Coal Harbor Eye Center and it's been a little over 6 months.  With both eyes, I have 20/20 vision.  However, my left sees slightly better than my right eye since my right eye was the worst one.  I healed perfectly and painlessly.  It was the best decision I ever made to get my eyes done.  

Q: Where do you like to eat?
A: For sushi, I like to go to Toshi (for their box roll and spicy chopped scallop roll).  For noodles,  I like Sha-Lin Noodle House for their hand pulled noodles.  I've been visiting Acme Cafe a lot this month because I love their chicken pot pie and sandwiches.  For bubble tea,  I like Dragonball Tea House.  I don't really like chain restaurants but I like Earls the most of out all of them.  My favorite restaurant is Cafe Relagade; they serve country style French food.  

Q: Do you drink alcohol?
A: Yes.  I'm a freak of nature with alcohol.  To specify, I'm asian but I never turn red (I turn pale more like it) and I can consume a lot for my size.    

About Love and Relationships

Q: What do you look for in a guy? 
A: Someone who is basically my best friend and has all the great qualities that my father possesses.  Generally: tall, slender, makes an effort in all aspects of his life (friends, work, school, career, family, girlfriend, etc), likes to keep in shape and a humble personality for a start. 

Q: Turn offs?
A: A guy who is cocky, flirts a lot with other women, loss of motivation, has trouble saving money and excessive use of drugs. 

Q: Are you seeing anyone?
A: No.  So far, the guys who have shown interest in me do not met my standards nor do I have chemistry with them.

Any more questions?  Just ask me in Formspring and I'll be happy to answer.  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Monochromatic Outfits Are The Best

I went to a friends birthday dinner at Indochine last night.  The food that they serve is the same food at Phnom Pehn so you get the butter beef carpaccio and the lime pepper chicken wings!  This place is pretty busy on the weekends because it's a great place to have some drinks as well.  It's such a hard time finding a place that offers drinks and really good food for a lounge.  

What I wore:

OASAP crochet shorts, Forever 21 necklace and blouse (old), 
and Christian Louboutin Iowa Zeppa 120mm (old).

The necklace was about $8, blouse was $16.50, and the shorts were given to me by OASAP.  So it was a very cheap outfit.  I like to mix high and lower end items together.  The shoes and the purse (Chanel flap not pictured) puts a nice touch to a thrifty outfit. 

Butter Beef.  I know it looks scary because some parts are raw but it's so tasty.

Chicken Salad

A personal meal with lemon grass chicken skewers.  We got the lime pepper chicken wings as well but I was so hungry that I forgot to a photo of it.  

After my friends and I went to a park to hit a piniata - Random I know haha.  Then we sang karaoke until the wee hours and had some late night eats.  Needless to say, I didn't get home until the sun came up and the birds were chirping.  But it was a good night.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is this month and I'm super excited.  I've got lots of dinner and brunch plans with different people starting one week before my actual birthday and the festivities run until one week after my birthday.  In addition, I'm having dinner with my ex on my actual birthday and one of my girl friends is taking me down to the states for a shopping day trip a few days.  Then the real celebration will be happening one week late because two very important people will be gone on my actual birthday: my best girl friend is going to LA and my best guy friend is going to HK.

So that's technically I have 3 weekends of birthday celebrations! Yes. I'm a happy camper. 

I've made sort of a Birthday Wish List.  I call it a "sort of" wish list because these are things I'd be buying for myself regardless if I get any of them or not.  I hate calling it a "wish list" because, for me; a wish list should involve things that one fantasizes to obtain.  These items on the list are actually not very difficult to get a hold of.

1. Kenneth Jay Lane turquoise stick necklace - $70 USD
2. Karen Walker number one crazy tort sunglasses - $220 USD
3. YSL arty ovale ring in cobalt - $290 USD
4. Alexander McQueen scarf in black with white skulls - $295 USD
5. Christian Louboutin Piou Piou 85mm pumps in nude - $645 USD

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