Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mini Update

I haven't been updating much because of my laptop. I spilled some water on my track pad and the mouse doesn't move right anymore. I'm taking it to Apple after I finish volunteering at St. Paul's Hospital today. So I pray I get it back soon or else I'm going to be so bored.

I'm so eager to blog as well because I took some pictures for a sponsored make up review and I went to Granville Island and took lots of colourful photos that I wanted to share.

Also, I got a scratch on my right eye last night - I'm not sure how that happened. It was the first day I wore eye make up too. Crisis diverted though because I called the doctor and he said I need to put a contact in for 36 hours and to change my eye drop regime - blah it's always changing. I need a little book to keep track of it all before I forget.

Oh! So my blog is mobile friendly now.

Anyways, I hope every one is having a good weekend. Bye!


  1. Oh no, I hope all goes well with your Macbook! Aside from the scratch though, how is the recovery from the surgery?

  2. :( Maybe you accidentally rubbed it? Hope your eye feels better <3

  3. maddy - $100 to fix. $50 something for new trackpad and the rest is labor. I'm gonna go to the metro location since it's close to where i liveo n Tuesday to get it fixed. atleast it's a same day fix job -_- at least my keyboard wasn't affected. i'm using a USB mouse right now. it helps the cursor move better but it does randomly right click and does other weird things.

    so far i think my eyes got blurrier. my right feels good with a contact in it.

    vonnie - maybe that's what i did. it's so hard to catch yourself from doing that in the morning when you are half awake.


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