Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Trip to H&M

Hey guys! Sorry I missed a couple of days of blogging. I've been sick recently but I'm almost recovered now. I guess there is a bug going around because a lot of my friends are sick as well.

So I dropped by the Lougheed Mall H&M store on Tuesday. I wanted to find the items on the post I made earlier. I only found 2 items out of that list. I really like the H&M at Lougheed Mall because it's smaller. Which means, less people! So my size (sz 4-6) is usually available. They have a better selection of sizes and sale items compared to the Pacific Center location at the moment. However, they don't have as much stock.

Forever 21 cardigan and tank, Urban Planet leggings, Tory Burch flats, Louis Vuitton Trevi PM bag

That was my outfit to go shopping. I'm slowly retiring my Balenciaga bag for the Fall/Winter because of heavy rain. The Louis Vuitton Trevi PM was my Holy Grail bag a long time ago. I bought the bag right on the next day after a personal achievement that occurred on July 4, 2008 (it was Independence Day - how ironic). The Trevi is great in the rain because it's a textured canvas material. I spilt a Tim Hortons coffee inside the red velvet lining once and I was so scared I stained the bag. However, the stain was easily removed with a damp towel - yay! And it looked like new after.

Notice the colour scheme for the clothes I wear? Yup! It's only neutrals, black and white for me. These are the items I narrowed it down to. In the end I only bought 3 things, the pink/white tunic on the far left, the cream lace top 2nd from the left and the white/black flower blouse.

I loved this blouse because it covers the bum - so I can wear it with leggings. I had to get it in a size 6 because in the size 4, it didn't pass the "hug" test. This is the test I use to decide whether a top would be too tight in the shoulders/chest area. If I can't give a pretend hug to someone comfortably, that means I won't be comfortable driving and doing other stuff. The top was $39.95.

This top was on sale for $15 (from $34.95). I don't think it's a dress because it's too sheer. So I wore it as a tunic. It looks bad in the photo but this top would look better with a waist belt.

I love this cropped long sleeve lace top. The design is very intricate and the back has buttons along the back. I plan to pair it with high waisted shorts. I don't plan to wear it with jeans because it makes me look stumpy. Also, note to self: Don't wear leggings to try on clothes. Nevertheless, there are plenty of sizes for this top at this H&M location. This was $29.95.

The bow blouse I was hoping to buy but I didn't because I think it is too short. I should have tried it on with skinny jeans. I'm bending down in the photo because I don't want you guys to see me in just leggings (fashion faux pas if your top doesn't cover your bum for leggings!!). The top was made out of polyester. I'm not a fan of 100% polyester clothing because it snags easily (from experience). This top was $29.95.

I love the look of this top but when I turn to the side, it makes me look pregnant. I didn't buy this but I love the neckline and the sleeves. This was $34.95.

This silver blouse is really drapey and it has specks of silver shimmer within the fabric. This blouse was a maybe. It was $29.95.


  1. I love the lace crop top!!! Time to take a trip to H&M... ;)

  2. Go to the Lougheed location, there are size Smalls there. At PC, i only found Mediums and Larges for the lace top.

  3. I love your Tory Burch flats :) And that lace cropped top is cute!

  4. Thanks Mandy =) The TB flats have a leather toe and everything else is flannel. Got them on sale for $90 at Holt Renfrew on boxing day =) You should do more posts on your blog =) I wanna readddd!

  5. Nice purchases! I'm happy you bought the lace top b/c that's my fav. Love your bag too! I was eyeing the Trevi for awhile, but for some reason decided not to. Am instantly regretting it after reading how useful it is.

  6. Did you get the belted shirt-tunic? It looks awesome on you!

    By the way, what was your personal achievement?! :P

  7. hey Cat! I did get the belted shirt tunic (the white/black floral one) as well =D

    my personal achievement? LOL - I worked up the courage to dump my ex boyfriend.

  8. Ooh I'm so glad I ran into you! Vancouver based bloggers ftw :)
    I LOVE those tory burch flats, i've been meaning to get myself a pair soon.
    us vancouver girls gotta stick together ;)
    check me out at:


  9. Hey i love your tory burch flats :) whats the style called if u dont mind.

  10. Looks like a nice haul. I LOVE the look of your faux leggings and Tory flats. I've put a few outfit like that together too. Thanks for the advice about covering your bum when wearing legging. I must keep that in mind. These are my leggings and Tory Burch Reva flats.

    Thanks for sharing your blog


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