Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review: Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes and Trolls

I was given these Pond's wet cleansing towelettes from a friend. They are used to remove make up before you wash your face with your face cleanser. One side of the facial wipes has these bumps for exfoliation (it doesn't exfoliate really in my opinion). They are $7.99 for 30 facial wipes. It pretty much equates to one pack a month. They smell is great. It's a citrus, cucumber and peach smell. They remove make up really well and it's really hassle free. There is a re-sealable opening in the middle of the package for easy access and keeps the moisture locked in for future uses.

I was using Marcelle's soothing cleansing water before to remove make up. Marcelle's make up remover is $14.99 for a 200ml bottle. I've done a review of Marcelle's make up remover before here. I pretty much use one whole bottle of Marcelle's make up remover in a month. While Marcelle's make up remover is a really good product, I find that the Ponds facial wipes are a better economically ($14.99 vs $7.99) and the use of wipes is easier. With a liquid make up remover, I waste a lot of tissues/toilet paper. However, the Ponds facial wipes have that aspect already so there is no extra waste.

On another note, I got my first troll post in one of my threads the other day. Yay? Usually these people are jealous or insecure and try to bring others, who are doing a good, thing down. Lots of my favorite and/or big time bloggers have trolls that constantly harass them (or even want to pretend to be them! How psycho is that?)

Anyways, this person was dissing the way I look. Whatever, you don't know me. Go hide behind your computer you insecure person. Sure, half the time I look tired or annoyed in my room pictures and they don't really flatter me...but I don't really care because it at least shows my outfit. But I know what I look like and I'm pretty damn happy with it thank you! Also, why bother reading my blog if my face bothers you? *eye rolls*

Being a fashion or beauty blogger is tough because you are in the public eye. That's why I didn't want to show my face for the first month or two because I didn't know what to expect. Then I got a little more comfortable because I gained readers who genuinely care about what I had to say about about clothes and make up. I give props to bloggers who do Youtube videos and close ups of their face for make up. I'm not nearly as comfortable doing that yet.

So I had to edit my comments option for my blog. Before you can post whatever you like and it be visible right away (I loved that because I get to read comments right away via mobile) but now I will have to filter each comment first. I still welcome constructive criticism. Perhaps you had a bad experience with a beauty product I liked or perhaps you think a particular clothing item I bought was crappy but another option would be nicer. Anything like that is still okay with me. But I will not tolerate comments that doesn't even have to do with blogging.


  1. I tried the Olay wipes with the exfoliation (came in the mail as a sample?) and it dried my skin out so bad! T__T
    At $7.99 maybe I'll give these a try the next time I'm by a drugstore!

  2. I use the Olay version of those cleansing wipes when I'm travelling... they're perfect for getting makeup right off!

    On the trolling note, I will never understand Internet haters. Sorry you had someone leave such a stupid comment on your blog!

    xo, alison*elle

  3. I agree, makeup remover wipes save time and waste. I get the one in the pink box at daiso. $2 for 30! I always stock up on boxes when I go :)

    And stupid trolls. They only comment to rile you up... hence trolling. Ignore them! Your face is beautiful Kerri!

  4. How are the towelettes for removing eye makeup?

    I hope that troll never bothers you again. I don't even get why they bother coming back to your blog if they don't like it. Keep up the blogging because I love your blog! :)

  5. I'm Grace - that sucks that Olay dried your face out. were they the same price range as the Ponds ones?

    Alison - oh gosh, i didn't think anyone would give a damn to diss me lol. do you get haters too? your blog is so much more established than mine so i thought maybe you get them as well?

    vonnie - ohhh! i never thought to look for them at Diaso! I shall buy a pack and try it out one day because $2 is such a steal.

    alyssa - they are so great for removing eye make up, mascara, eye liner for me. my friend told me she buys the ponds facial wipes in the states. apparently its only $4 a pack there or $9 for two packs of 30 and a mini packet.

    thanks to all for the kind words in regards to the troll lol.

  6. Hi Kerr! It's Maria! (Mctina's friend) lol.

    I've been using the Ponds facial wipes for a few months now. Walmart was selling them for $6.95 (or $5.95..can't remember!) for a pack of two a few months ago! I stocked-up and I'm good for half a year lol. I'm crossing my fingers hoping Walmart will sell these 2 for 1 bundles again! Keep an eye out for them! :)

  7. OMG MARIA =D I'm following your blog now. Mctina told me you found my blog one day out of the blue. you should post more! i like your style =)

    i'll definitely check walmart next time i go when i'm out and i'll keep my eyes peeled for the 2pack =)

  8. I'm sorry you had to deal with a troll. I saw that you had a post that said the content had been removed by you so I guessed as much. I can never understand why people take so much time just to hate. Must be jealous of your awesome style and blog :)

  9. Kerri Yeah, someone called me superficial and told me to stop "flaunting my money" on a wishlist post once... um, hello?? "Wishlist post"... it means I don't own these things so how am I flaunting my supposed money?? Sometimes you just have to majorly eyeroll at trolls.

  10. maddy - aww thanks for your support and kind words =)

    alison - lol what a loser. they probably just want your wishlist items too!

  11. Thanks for the review Kerri. I've always wanted to try cleansing wipes, but it always seemed like a bit of a waste to me. Maybe I'll try the Pond's out next time I head to London Drugs.

    Sorry about the silly troll you had to deal with. Sometimes I just feel sad for people who seem to always be angry and have bad days. Don't ever let those stupid comments from stopping you blogging! I love your blog and think you're beautiful and have great style :)


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