Saturday, January 28, 2012

Outfit of the Night: Simple Never Looked So Good

I went to a club last night for my good friend's birthday. I had a great time with my friends. There were many funny stories to share about that night.

One random moment of that night was after everyone was standing outside of the club, a random (non threatening, not homeless, not a crack head) guy came up to me with a brown bag of McDonalds. He looked like the type of guy that would hang out with my circle of friends. He asked me if I wanted to trade a cheeseburger for a smoke. Since I don't smoke, I said sorry. But I really wanted that cheeseburger since I was so hungry and I love cheeseburgers. So that guy was nice enough and gave it to me lol. Then, just when I showed my friend and was wanting to eat friend took it away from me and he wouldn't let me eat it. But yeah, never take food from strangers.

So here's what I wore to the club. I decided I wanted to be pretty clothed that night and wore pants for once. But the top compensated for the bottom lol.

Eryn Brinie top, T. Babaton Elliot pants, Betsey Johnson pumps, Toywatch, Zara clutch, and Forever 21 bracelet.

The details! My nail polish is Colour Club - Age of Aquarius. It's a creamy bright green teal colour (more on the green side).

This is one of my favorite tops. It's so unique and delicate. It's part silk and cotton. I was so annoyed when random guys tried to talk to me and was tugging at my top while I was avoiding them. I'd be so mad if it tore because it's the most expensive tank top I own and it's super fragile.

I got inspired to buy the top and the pants from For The Love of Retail. She's my favorite Vancouver blogger. She just has wicked style. When she models recent purchases it makes you think: Wow, that DOES look awesome. I kind of want to add that to my wardrobe!


  1. Wow, that is such a hot outfit! You look beautiful :)
    That was really funny story about the cheeseburger haha

  2. Such a great night out outfit, Kerri! <3

    xo, alison*elle

  3. Never heard of Erin Brinie - where did you find her?

  4. Thanks all for the comments =) xoxoCat - I found the tank at Aritzia in the summer

  5. Love the outfit! The tank is very sexy ;)

  6. I love your outfit Kerri. That top looks stunning on you. Eryn Brinie is one of my favorites for simple and elegant pieces.

  7. I love the glitter clutch and I agree with other commeters - that top is hot! So pretty and feminine :)

  8. Omg I was reading this and I was like, hey that top looks familiar! I wonder if she saw it on my blog and then got it and then I kept reading and I am so flattered! That's awesome. I'm blushing over here. You just made my crappy day


    PS I am glad you didn't eat the cheeseburger and your hair looks awesome

  9. Thanks J! you are truly a fashion inspiration <3 Hehehe, yeah! I'm glad I didn't eat that mysterious cheeseburger as well

  10. What a cute outfit! I love your blouse, sparkly clutch and accessories! You look amazing! :)

    xoxo Rosalia


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