Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Post

Sorry for falling off the map. I'm so tired lately. I work an hour earlier than usual now. Perfect for going to the gym right after work before it gets busy. I find I get so exhausted and lose the motivation to do anything productive after that.

Here are some pictures I found online of clothes, jewelry, and celebrity inspirations.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's outfit look so put together. I like how Ashley paired contrasting colours. It really works. Her shoes are so sleek and sexy as well. I'm willing to try bold colours. Mary Kate's outfit is more me. The black lace is so mysterious while the hot pink pumps adds a little girly factor in it. I need hot pink or royal blue pumps in my wardrobe.

This dress is stunning. The angelic white with scalloped tiers...perfection. I need a sexy white dress in my life.

Ashley Green's Dav rain boots. I want the zippered equestrian rain boots or hers (which are the regular equestrian rain boots). Dav rain boots are really sleek looking and are pretty cheap at about $98USD. I may considering getting a pair because of shitty Vancouver weather. I'm scared these boots might make my legs look stumpy. Note to self: Order a pair of the zippered equestrian rain boots ASAP.

Coloured denim. I want a pair of eggplant purple, teal green or hot pink ones. One pair of trendy colour jeans will do for me. I found hot pink J brand ones for only $99 at Aritzia and Citizen of Humanity Thompson skinny's in eggplant purple for $99 at Aritzia as well. These teal green ones are cheap for Forever 21.

A light coloured statement necklace. To complement my outfits for when I can't wear my black House of Harlow necklace. This one is from Forever 21.


  1. I love these pics you shared and I especially like the coloured denim. They are so cool and chic.


  2. Hey! When you get the Dav equestrian boots L will be glad to post a pic in my blog if you are OK. It's its subject, check it!

    1. hey! i haven't been able to find my size (8) on the dav website and other websites. but you can post my pictures when i do buy them. i still want them and i'm on the lookout!


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