Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some Music I Like

Here's some of my favorites that I have been listening to in 2011. I agree, it's not super girly. I really like this type of's party music, it's work out music, and/or going for a nice drive kind of music.

I give credit to my friends over at DMR Beatz for introducing me to these amazing songs (before some of them got mainstream). I'm sure most of them are super common right now. DMR Beatz is the place to go if you like this genre. They have hip hop, R&B and much more as well. It's my one stop to find unique remixes, underground music and new unknown hits. It beats listening to the 20 something songs on repeat on the radio that's for sure! My friends over at DMR Beatz will be attending EDC in June (of course right? it's totally their scene). After seeing the advertisement for it.. I have this itch to go because of the happy and fun environment. It will be unrealistic of me to attend EDC though. I have an insane stagette to attend in Las Vegas that following month!

* These Youtube videos in this post do not belong to me and belong to their original owners.

Some other songs I was digging as well:

Her voice is amazing!

It reminds me of that Michelle Phan's make up tutorial and then meeting a boy

sounds so happy but sad

Missy is coming back!


  1. boooo i wanted to go to edc!! but i just came back from vacay can't spoil myself too much i guess ): lol

  2. Knew there was going to be lots of Dubstep. Bassnectar? Holy crap that is some Brostep right there. Thanks for the love Kerri.

  3. Haha, we totally have different taste in music. I tried getting into your type of music cuz my bf is totally into it too... but I just can't :(

  4. lol. i always thought dubstep sounds like transformers transforming. i'm not into the really hard dubstep. i thought maybe Kaskade would be a nice introduction to this genre since it has women vocals and it sounds so nice


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