Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not My Style

I know you must be thinking that this is the ugliest Polyvore set I ever made but hear me out. The picture depicts some of the pieces that I will never wear in public. I'm not saying that they are ugly, I'm just saying that they are not very "me". Everyone has different styles so I'm not hating on you if you wear these particular items. It's purely my personal opinion of a particular style/item.

1. Hunter rainboots - They do not sleek at all. They look cute in the smaller sizes (like 5 or 6) but look pretty manly in my size (I'm an 8). I wish they made them with a smaller toe box and a flatter heel. I like how you can accessorize them with the sock opinion.

2. Plaid shirts - This face does not suit a plaid shirt period. It makes me look like a cowgirl (ew to that entire western/cowgirl look) and it's too casual for my liking. Plaid probably hates me.

3. Denim shorts with leggings/tights - What's worse is medium to light denim shorts (add rips for extra horror) with dark leggings and tights. This look is TOTALLY contradictory to me (denim shorts = casual summer time apparel and dark leggings/tights = polished and sleek look). WHY? You might as well do one or the other, not both. I'll let darker denim shorts (no rips please) with dark leggings/tights pass. Also, dark colours like: dark blue and purple shorts with dark leggings/tights shall receive a pass. The best combination is black or dark grey shorts with black leggings/tights with black shoes of course. This latter look is more seamless and it looks more polished and not as discombobulated.

4. Hoodies - Only for the gym or going to the boyfriends house please. Nothing makes an outfit super casual like a hoodie. If you consider yourself a fashionista, I doubt you would be selecting an athletic hoodie as your first choice for your outfit (designer hoodies with awesome cuts do not apply). Hoodies are okay for guys though.

5. Colourful tights - Do you ever see me in bright anything? What makes you think I would wear bright red or purple tights? My boyfriend has more pink than I do LOL. The only bright clothing I'd consider is a bright top, blouse or tank (paired with all black to make that particular colour pop of course). Or perhaps a bright coloured bag or shoe with a monochromatic outfit. My rule of thumb, one bright item in an outfit is more than enough.

What are some fashion items that you guys absolutely will not wear?


  1. Lol I wear hunter boots and plaid :p For me I hate denim shorts and tights period! They have to be woven or wool shorts for me. I also don't like bright tights. I've seen head to toe animal print before *shudder*

    My biggest pet peeve is baggy sweatpants cramped into Uggs! OMG I don't even... one time my cat managed to escape out my window at night so I had ran out to get him. I was wearing sweats and Uggs were the first shoes I could grab, I was so embarrassed! LOL

  2. I wish i could wear hunter boots but i'm not a petite person so the shoes look manly on me.

    Plaid (like the aritzia plaid shirts r okay) looks great on other ppl. But I look so bad in plaid. It doesn't agree with me lol

  3. Haha crap, I think I've worn 4/5 of those items.

  4. lol i'm no fashion guru. so don't take it to heart =)

  5. Sweatpants! They belong in the gym or at home!Or Juicy pants tucked into Uggs :/

  6. I forgot to mention, I wouldn't wear harem pants, leather leggings or ripped denim anymore. The first two are are so unflattering on me because I have big thighs, and the third is so high school!

  7. I'm not sure if you've ever tried the Hunter Regents (http://www.hunter-boot.com/regent/black for some reason they don't list all the colours) but if you have slimmer calves these definitely fit and look sleeker. I'm not too sure about the toe box though but the heel is definitely flatter (with less traction)!

  8. I wear all those things! Especially the jean shorts + black leggings.

    LOL, I should do an outfit post wearing a plaid shirt, hoodie on top, jean shorts with coloured tights in hunter boots.


  9. Vonnie - OMG, DO IT PLEASE? I'm picturing you doing so and I think you can make it look pretty good because of your style and how you have pops of colour in your outfit on the regular =)

    Annie - Oh no, I've never known of these mythical boots. I shall take a look see. Thanks for the recommendation =)

    xoxoCat - Yeah, I don't like ripped jeans much either. Cept I only have my current elliot loved destroyed and they are pretty out there. But for some reason, that jean itself... is the nicest ripped jeans I've seen lol. I would think tapered trousers would look great on you. Harem pants don't really flatter unless you are super slim. I have a cheap pair from F21 when the craze started. It makes my butt look dumpy and my friend calls them Aladdin pants LOL

    Maria - omg yes! I forgot this one. Gym pants belong in the gym or at home. So sad that Vancouver got on the worst dressed list because of this gym look.

  10. I think I could wear all of these. In fact, I have most of them. But you're right, it depends on your style, what you feel good in, and what suits you. As for what I would absolutely not wear - can't think of anything off the top of my head, but I know it's out there!

  11. Haha this post put a smile on my face! I agree with you for pretty much all of those items! I don't own any hoodies (which actually might come in handy on lazy days going to the grocery store...) and plaid definitely hates me too! I don't love colorful tights though I do wear patterned tights (nothing too crazy, but it spiffs up a simple black dress).
    You should do a Polyvore set of all things you can't live without or would wear all the time!

  12. Bunnie - That means you comfortable with lots of trends =) I can tell from your blog photos!

    Lori - hehe i guess we are the same. Yeah pattern tights are pretty! I do have black pattern tights with flowers =) There's alphabet ones that look pretty cute as well. I saw it on Kourtney Kardashian


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