Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dine Out Vancouver 2012: Five Sails

I met up with MaddyLoves and OhSoVonnie for dinner at Five Sails for Dine Out Vancouver 2012. All of us were coming straight from work. I made a pit stop at home to change and quickly do my make up. I was such in a hurry that I totally forgot my umbrella. Then I got rained on going to and going home from the restaurant.

Surprise! Lazy me decided to take some photos. Here is what I wore to dinner minus the coat and shoes. I switched to Zara booties for my outfit photo since my Forever 21 booties that I wore were still wet from the rain.

Forever 21 tank and jacket, H&M shorts and Zara booties.

The group photo I took with the girls made me look fat because I was standing funny so I thought I take some nicer ones in my room.

I figured a way to take non flash photos by turning on my lamp and shining it at me for better pictures that are more true to life.

I thought the silver sequins and tweed complimented each other very well.

The Dine Out menu was alright. It certainly was fine dining sized. My dishes were very tasty. I just wish there was more of it. Here's the fat girl inside me complaining lol.

We got a baby shrimp cocktail in a tiny glass for starters

I got the mushroom risotto with shaved parmigiano reggiano for the appetizer. I love risotto a lot and I secretly wished that this was my main.

For the entree. I got half a lobster tail with orange butter sauce, pork belly with some sort of dark berry puree and some shitake mushrooms.

I chose the pavlova for dessert. I love pavlova because of the light meringue that isn't super sweet. It had a refreshing lemon sauce on one side and some berry sauce on the other topped with some fruits.

Then we got some creamy chocolate niblets that looked like monopoly houses before we paid our bill.

It was good seeing these two lovelies again! The next time I will see them is in March for a Vancouver Beauty and Lifestyles blogger meet for high tea.


  1. "Here's the fat girl inside me complaining lol" - you're so cute :p

    I have reservations for Five Sails and I'm excited to go! :)

    1. hehehe. the lobster bisque appy looked yummy as well. it came in a cup that looked like a big version of a cappuccino cup. my friend got the steak and it was quite tasty. the texture was very tender and not fibrous. i think the pavlova was the best dessert! i liked how they gave us little treats (mini salad cocktail and chocolate nubs) and bread with the dinner since it is a fine dining restaurant. I hope you enjoy it.

      Where else are you going? I'm going to Hyde tomorrow lol..

  2. Yums, I swore I was going to do Dine Out this year, but I got so lazy (and incredibly broke). I guess I'll have to eye it and not get to try it :(

    P.S. Such a stunning look, love the sequins and tweed together!

  3. The food does look really good... and by looking at the portion size.. I think I would be left hungry. LOLOL!!! I haven't tried pavlova before, so thats something I want to try!!

    Would you recommend this place to eat or this is something that you would try once and wouldnt recommend to others?

  4. Loving the tweed and sequins combo. And we have the same Zara booties! Glad your dinner was yummy even though the portions were small. Next time you can do what I do and snack a bit beforehand to feed the fat girl inside :)

  5. The food looks so amazing! I didn't make resos for them because I thought they were all booked up and by the time I found out you could call in, it was late. I made resos for Joe Fortes though.

    I love the outfit, I got a sequin top too late from F21 (I was planning to wear it on NYE) and wasn't sure when I'd wear it again, but I might just do that for Joe Fortes!


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