Monday, January 2, 2012

States Shopping Trip Haul

I went down to the states with a group of friends for the day just before NYE. Here's the purchases that I made. It's the most successful trip ever!

at Forever 21 I got:

- white/navy nautical themed cardigan $22.80
- off white hobo purse with a long detachable messenger strap $29.80
- black/cream open shawl $29.80
- white rose ring and rhinestone ring for $2.80

at Love Culture I got:
- black/dark grey leopard skinny jeans $29.80
- cream lace bandeau $10.80

at Burberry outlet I got:
- light pink cashmere scarf $120

I'm so happy I found an off white hobo bag that's cheap but looks nice as well. I didn't want to buy a white coloured premium designer or mid designer bag because that colour will always stain. You can wear it with a longer strap but I personally think it looks better on your shoulder without the strap.

The black/dark grey leopard skinny jeans are inspired version of the Current Elliott skinny jeans but for 10% of the price! No way I'm paying $300 for trendy jeans. These are a great substitute and they are pretty subtle. I can't wait to rock them around Vancouver.

My outfit photo for the day trip to the States. Typical me.

T. Babaton Howell Coat, J brand jeggings, Zara flats, Forever 21 scarf, MBMJ Natasha bag

Also my boyfriend owed me a late Christmas present so I purchased the T. Babaton Elliot cigarette skinny pants for $90 (reg $95 lame sale but I wanted them anyways) and this T. Babaton longsleeve for $45 (reg $65). I love the cut of the top. I wish I got a size smaller but it wasn't available. I think I can rock it a little bit baggier.

I will take some modeling pictures of the stuff I accumulated in my next blog post.


  1. Great purchases! I like your f21 scarf :)

  2. Love your purchases! Esepcially the F21 cardigan and shawl!

    I have that same top from Aritzia. I bought it before it went on sale and pretty much wore it to death! It's very comfortable and so easy to throw on :)

  3. I can't wait to see you modeling all of the awesome things you bought ;D


  4. I love the Elliot skinnies! I just knew you were going to get them! <3 Haha it totally bugs me that it just went down $5 too especially when Aritzia claims that the sale is 20-50% off... I actually calculated and it's 5.27% off the Elliots lol but I guess no one is gonna go to that sale.

    The leopard print jeans from Love Culture are great, please model it sometime! I really like the pants but I just can't see myself pulling them off. I even saved this picture cause I loved the look so much

  5. Awesome haul! :D Glad you were able to shop well here in the states!

  6. Ohh I saw the scarf at the outlet too recently. You're making my regret not getting it, lol.

  7. i was almost not going to buy it since it was baby pink but i thought i'd give baby pink a chance because it makes me look girlier =D

    there will always be deals. i found a camel colour on sale one time (the one i wear more often) for $120 as well =)

  8. Your boyfriend OWED you a Christmas present. Somebody is superficial as heck.

    1. we had a mutual understanding to exchange gifts and he didn't have the time to buy me one so he bought my gift late, how is that superficial? it's christmas, you exchange gifts with people you love.


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