Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How I Store My Makeup

I got these two tiered display racks from work one day (that they were going to throw out). I brought them home because I thought it be great way to display my nail polishes. After some rearranging, I just decided to put all my make up on these two racks.

On the left side, the top shelf is for my make up brushes, eye liners and mascaras that sit in a clear cube tray (from Daiso for $2!) and some not so great make up palettes on the side. The 2nd shelf is for my mineral foundation, setting powder and some eye shadow quads. The 3rd and 4th shelf is for my eyeshadows. I like mineral eye shadows the best for pigmentation. My one and only concealer sits on the 4th shelf.

Sorry for the dust. Here's my eye shadows. The cheapo ELF mineral eye shadows work really well.

Then my Stila palette that I use everyday sits around here. I love this palette because it includes various matte blushes but most of the eye shadows are shimmery. Here is a post I did reviewing the Stila palette.

Onto the right display. The top shelf has nail polish remover, my hair products, primer and BB cream. The 2nd shelf has my antiperspirant and perfumes I use. The 3rd and 4th shelf holds my nail polishes and bronzer powder.

I love Joe Fresh nail polishes. I like the fact the bottles are so small and it's $10 for 3 bottles. I never finish a bottle anyways before it gets all weird.

I will do a review soon about the Unite hair products I have been using for about a month. My absolute favorite perfume of all time (and my signature smell) is Versace Bright Crystal. It has a crisp pomegrantey floral smell to it. I wear The Body Shop perfume oil in satsuma in the summer. One drop goes a long way because the citrus smell is so strong. Then my dear friend gifted me a Salvatorre Ferragamo Incanto perfume when she came back from Asia. The one is very sweet smelling. I wear this one to work most of the time.

Then in front of the right display, I have a tray of random goodies. This is rarely organized but I had to organize it for this photo. The left section of the tray is for my lip products, the middle section is for my eye products (like glue, eye drops, and some random stuff often sneaks in here) and the right section is for hair accessories (like hair ties for the gym, hair clips, and bobby pins).

The overall set up on the corner of my ginormous bureau desk. I have my make up mirror and a box of tissues next to my make up display. To the left of the make up mirror is my laptop where I waste many hours online.


  1. Love this, Kerri! I have the same tissues as you, haha ;)

    xo, alison*elle

  2. ohh nice it's so organized! and love your joe fresh nail polish collection :D

  3. that's so organized! i totally need a system like this..

    1. clear organizational units give off the illusion that things are neater lol XD

  4. I can't believe that display rack was almost thrown out! I'm a sucker for organization and I love the way you've neatly displayed everything.

    1. it was to display cans of booze lol. i say it's second life is way better.

  5. I love how you've organised everything, and even better the racks were free!!!



  6. what a great way to stay organized!! i have to admit all my makeup goes in a bag and i have to dig through it when i need something :)
    this is a much better solution!



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