Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Prada tote bags are so confusing

Pretty much what the title states.

So I've been researching a bit more about Prada totes. Turns out the Prada lux tote I posted in my last post (MK tote vs Prada lux tote) isn't really the one I wanted. The one I wanted is the Prada lux double zip tote; it's an upgraded version of the other bag. The difference? The Prada tote with the double zip has 2 more zippers which means 2 more compartments
and more zippers = more hardware bling = looks more luxurious.

Then I found that the Prada lux double zip tote is coming out with a shoulder strap! That's too cute. The strap adds more interest to the bag. So then this is the one I want to look into getting.

After more research, I realized that the official Prada site doesn't sell these two totes in black. They sell the double zip (with a strap) in black but then it's the smallest size available. Or the other option is the biggest size (without the strap) in black. Seriously, what's with all these slight variation in sizes (about 4 different sizes) and the inconsistency in colours?

I just want a black medium sized tote.....the small is too small and the big one is too big and it looks like it's purely for work.

Yeah this post is pretty boring because it's just about sizing and me ranting why the medium double zip with/without straps totes don't come in black. I guess I'll visit Holt Renfrew on Friday before or after I volunteer. The Prada website must be out of black for these totes perhaps.

Here are some pictures of the two medium tote options:

Prada lux tote with double zip
(2nd choice - it's the "bigger" medium bag)
* pictures from the official Prada website

Prada lux tote with double zip and a shoulder strap
(1st choice - it's the "smaller" medium bag)
* pictures from the official Prada website


  1. Maybe the larger black doesn't have a strap because it's not meant to be worn on the shoulder? I hope you get the bag of your dreams!

  2. I know, Prada bags are too confusing for me lol. I've been debating on getting one for the longest time but can never be bothered to try and figure them all out. But I do really like their saffiano leather. Good luck with your handbag choosing haha.



  3. i was JUST looking at these babies last night. I so want one now!! =(

  4. For me too, Prada tote bags are so confusing! I just want a medium size tote with the detachable long strap, which I really can't do without. I also would love to have at least one outer pocket for my phone too, or the double zip tote style. SO glad to know I am not the only person who is confused !!:) They are beautiful, love the saffiano and the deerskin, and the pebbled leather. I'd love to have one.......but I've kinda given up for the moment. Even on their website, the black ones are usually sold out ! Maybe one of these days, I'll find that perfect bag..........Did you ever find one? .Mariko L.

  5. OMG i have thee same problem. im on the prada website looking at the bags and im totally in love with the medium size with the strap! but holts does not have the medium with strap. they only have the smallest one. -.-' im debating right now which colour to get. ( i plan on getting your 2nd choice-- double zip). the spring collection just came out. theres a charcoal! which to me, nicer than the black in THAT size. cameo ( light pink)-- but im not too sure if its TOO pink because at the prada store, the lighting is HORRIBLE!!! or RED!. love love red, but super hard to match -.- ( im a very colourless wardrobe kinda gal)- any suggestions?!?! <3 thanks!


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