Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trend Alert: Over the Knee socks

I've been rocking the suspender tights trend before it became big in Vancouver (Oh So Vonnie introduced me to them!). Now I see a trickle of Vancouver girls wearing them from time to time when I go out or they would be asking where to buy suspender tights in shopping forums after we modeled them.

Now I spy another trend that is going to become big (or bigger) in Vancouver. That's over the knee socks!

Okay, yes it has been done in the Asian community but the way that look has been done.. it looks "Honger" (for the lack of better words). I'm not hating that particular look but it's not a style I associate myself with. I am going to incorporate over the knee socks in my wardrobe without giving off a discombobulated, contradictory and fruity vibe. I'm going to wear them with neutral toned clothing that is more streamlined and polished to make the trend more me.

My friend told me that I'm becoming more like a Honger girl with the furry faux fox tails, tights with shorts (at least they are not denim!) and now these over the knee high socks lol.. She has a good point but I reassured her that I'm not. I bought a charcoal grey and a black pair recently. I'm thinking of getting the thigh high socks that go even higher and perhaps a pair of lace over the knee socks but I'm debating if the latter is too risque. But then again, what do I care about what others think? I know a good thing when I spot it! =)

Here are some celebrities in over the knee socks that I Googled for some inspiration.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Blake Lively

I'm surprised that the denim shorts didn't make this outfit look too sloppy

Those boots make the outfit too casual. I would have worn them with flats or heeled booties

Will you be giving over the knee socks a try?


  1. I love over the knee socks! I don't wear them very often though as sometimes I feel they "cut me off" around the thigh area and create that strange space between the sock and my skirt/short - which I'm not used to seeing on myself.

    If you pair it with the right outfit they definitely will work and look super cute! Post outfit pics if you do get them! :)

  2. I love the over the knee socks. I have a pair and I am still trying to figure out the right things to wear with it! haha! Wish me luck! Great post by the way! :)

    xoxo Rosalia

  3. i actually like it with the boots...cuz she looked like she didnt spend too much time to look good..effortlessly chic!

  4. I love over the knee socks! I wore them like two years ago and some people thought it was weird except for the exchange students at ubc lol. I love them with woven/wool shorts and ankle booties

  5. You know what's funny - I was just debating about getting a pair from Club Monaco off Shopbop! Haha I might just get it now...

  6. Mmm... I don't really like them because they cut me off at the wrong place. Makes me look shorter, and there's the risk of the top cuff being to tight and giving you a thigh muffin like in Blake Lively's picture.

    I have a pair, but I never wear them, lol.

    1. I have thigh muffins when I wear them too =( I guess they make your already long legs look short but it makes my short legs look long lol...

  7. love it! imitates over-the-knee boots (:


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