Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vaseline and DUO

I bought these 2 items in the States the last time I went. I forgot to mention these items because they were so small and they kind of got lost in between shopping bags.

I bought the DUO eyelash adhesive glue (darker colour glue) for brown and black eyelashes. I've used 2 other eye lash glues before (Lash Grip and Ardelle's Brush on Adhesive). The DUO one is my favorite - I'll do a comparison post between these 3 glues one day. The DUO dries up with a slight greyish colour along the lash line. It lasts long as well. It was $5.97USD and it goes for $8CAD here.

The Vaseline lip therapy is my favorite lip balm. It's pretty much vaseline in a tube format. Less mess = big plus. Also, it has a nice scent to it. It doesn't smell like regular Vaseline. It was only $0.99 at Walmart in the States. I'm not sure if they sell it here in Canada. But it leaves me lips super conditioned. I use it everyday and I notice my lips don't peel as much as before.

I highly recommend these two products


  1. The Vaseline lip therapy IS the best! I haven't seen those in Canada since I was a kid. Good to know that they still sell them in the States :)

    1. Oh wow. I had no idea this lip therapy thing has been around for a while. I thought it was new LOL.


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