Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Outfit Post: States Shopping Haul and more

Here are the modeling pictures of the Forever 21 clothes and Aritzia clothes I bought recently.

Forever 21 cardigan, T. Babaton Elliot pants and Zara flats

Eep. I love these T. Babaton ankle pants <3

T. Babaton top, T. Babaton Elliot pants, Forever 21 bag and Zara flats

Forever 21 shawl and purse, T. Babaton Elliot pants, and Zara flats

I really love this Forever 21 purse. You can wear it 3 ways (it has a longer detachable strap): as a messenger bag, a hobo purse or a longer shoulder bag (comparable to a Balenciaga Pom Pom bag style).

I decided I should make some 2012 goals:

1) Avoid constantly shopping at at disposable clothing stores but invest in quality pieces in moderation. In the end, 3-4 cheap tops will equal to the price of one reliable top that matches with most things.

2) Reduce the noms. I really don't need to eat to the point of getting full, just a good full. Maybe this is a good way of slimming down because I haven't seen noticeable results for myself ever since I've started to modify my diet and go to the gym 3-4 times a day since summer. I've seen noticeable results in my friends but not so much me.. ughh.

3) Stop losing my Blackberry pouch case. I've bought two for rotation and I only know where one is lol.

4) Try to make one blog post a day. Try to smile more in photos and not have a bitch face even though I'm so tired but it's my fault for never getting enough sleep.

5) Stop photo bombing group photos and rendering them useless for Facebook because my eyes cannot stare straight nor can I smile right due to an excess of shots in the double digits.

What are some of your New Years resolutions or goals?


  1. I love everything you purchased, especially the F21 shawl and bag. Thanks for modelling the leopard pants, they look great. Definitely a much better deal than the Current Elliots!

    A goal I have for New Years is to shop less and put more into savings. I'd like to be a homeowner before 30.

  2. ahhh you and me both =( that's a great new year's goal

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  4. Love those pants on you!

    And I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Always enjoyed your posts and really like your style :)

  5. I totally agree with you on your first resolution. I find that items that are "machine washable" are more expensive than those that need to be "hand washed" -_-. For the convenience of just tossing it in the washer without having it shrink/lose its shape...I'm very willing to shelve out extra if that's the case!

    One of my resolutions is to read more books! I've said this many times in the past years...but I really do want to fulfill this one this year. :]

    Nice outfits btw. :D I love the f21 bag!

  6. mandy - thanks a bunch for the nomination =) I really like your style as well <3

    tiffyama - ohhh reading more books is a good resolution. what kind do you like to read? thanks for the compliments =)

  7. LOL @ your "smile more in pictures" as a resolution :P


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