Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leopard Print Skinny Jeans

I've been getting a lot of inquires about the black/dark grey leopard skinny jeans that I recently purchased from Love Culture for $30USD. I thought these jeans deserved a post all to themselves. They are an inspired version of Current Elliott's stiletto jeans in grey leopard or camel leopard for $198USD or about $300CAD. $300USD for a pair of trendy jeans?

Here are some photos of celebrities wearing the Current Elliott stiletto leopard jeans I found from the internet. These celebrity photos do not belong to me.

Here are my modeling photos of my leopard skinnys. I think the black/dark grey combo is not as eccentric as light grey or camel. It is easier to match with everyday clothes. I plan to pair these skinnys with a black or grey top and heels or black flats.

Up close of the jeans. The dark grey prints are a little bit on the bright side. I tried toning the colour down in iPhoto but it didn't really work. Maybe because my picture was crappy in the first place. But print on these jeans are more subtle compared to my picture. It looks way better in person.

T. Babaton top, Love Culture skinny jeans and Zara flats

Sorry for the unintentional bitch face. I'm really tired as of late and I'm not a fan of photos.

But yeah, they look so good in person. My camera doesn't capture it well. I think I can pull them off alright. I hope this inspires you to get leopard print pants haha.


  1. Cute jeans! I just bought a pair of black/dark gray snake-skin printed jeans on sale at the Gap for $30! Love a great deal on trendy items :)


  2. OOHhh. I can't wait to see a post about your snake skin printed jeans on your blog. I love how we are on the same page for trendy clothing: so not worth the designer price and I still want to take part in the trend =)

  3. Ooh! Love those skinnys! I think they can definitely spice up a plain outfit. :D And yay for Love Culture~ I think I need to go visit one soon...heh

  4. They're nice! I think I'm going to order a pair. Do you think a size 3 would fit a size 26? I suck at figuring out sizes D:

  5. I bought a size 1 actually from Love Culture. The brand in the tag says "Klique B" and the material are 97% cotton and 3 % spandex.

    I'm a size 26 waist as well and I found the size 3 to be too big for some reason. I could put a whole hand down the back of my pants. The size 1 fits way better for me.

  6. Wow really?!? Ok cool thanks for the advice! Ive been looking everywhere for leopard print skinnies, I saw them at Zara but there was only one pair left in a huge size :( are they exactly this pair? I went on the site and found it but their pictures are so dark ):<

  7. Hey those were not the same ones I have since the material percentage was different and my jeans were $29.80.


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