Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blue Clutch

I have a black one, a taupe one and a gold one already. I'm missing a vibrant pop of colour so I think a blue one will be a nice transition.

This turquoise envelope clutch with gold hardware is so pretty. It looks super sleek and is about a reasonable $32 CAD. This style comes in taupe and mustard as well. But the turquoise one is calling my name...

I should really make a list of things to buy so I don't go off track. This winter season has been a shopaholic's paradise from November - January due to Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday sales, Christmas presents, Boxing Day week sales, day trips to the States, the boyfriend's birthday weekend and present.... and now Dine Out Vancouver. I'm going to 4 this year. Not the number I was anticipating for but it just so happened to turn out that way with different groups and birthdays. Are any of you going to DOV this year? If so, what restaurants? I usually just try to go to only one each year for fun because I believe that the DOV menus don't showcase the feature items of the particular restaurant is known for. The menu usually lists of a bunch of items that are cheap and easy to make (i.e steak for one).

Anyways, the expenditures of those months should not get in the way of a new Prada bag, New York in March, Las Vegas in July and school in September because I don't like to live beyond my means and I generally budget well.

I'm going to a lot of dinners and birthdays for this month of January so I hope to document my outfit photos for you all.

I just need to cut back on buying small useless items that I don't need.


  1. Hello hello!
    Just discovered your blog a couple days ago and I couldn't stop reading! I absolutely adore your sense of style! I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award! Check out my page for more details if you'd like!

  2. I'm doing DOV! Not sure which restaurants yet though - any recommendations? :)

    I agree, I'm trying to make lists as to what I really NEED rather than just go out and buy things. I was re-editing my wardrobe and find that I've been spending so much on little things when I could've used that money for something nice :( If only we could turn back time or make those items turn back into their money's worth :)

    Which HRH necklace were you wanting to recreate? :)

  3. Lori - I want to recreate the Majesty I think it's called. The one with the big swarvoski crystal and the chain is doubled. I think that one is so pretty.

    The blue clutch is definitely not a need but a want for sure =(

    Jennifer - I'm following you as well! I really like your style too. Thanks for nominating me for the award =) I've been nominated 3 times so far yay!

  4. for DOV i'm already booked for Five Sails, Sanafit and Chop. I'm adding one last place in which is Mill Marine Bistro. I couldn't get the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts because it got booked in 2 days =( They are only available for lunch atm but all dinners are full. damnn.

  5. Hi Kerrie! do you ever have to pay crazy duties when purchasing off asos? I had a friend who brought something off the site once and she had to pay around 80$ on top of the item she purchased :/

  6. hey yeah. i purchased a dress for $80CAD and had to pay $30 at the door. But most of the time, I try to keep each order under $30CAD and that's when I realize I don't pay anything at the door. I suggest separating your orders if you want to order lots of stuff in about $30CAD increments to ensure that you don't get charged import tax and duty.

  7. What would someone put in an envelope clutch without making it look bulky and out of shape? I've seen others carry it around. However, I can't think of anything to put in there other than paper :(


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