Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years

I went to the Pan Pacific hotel's New Years Eve event. I had such a great time with the 15-20 of us. The location of the event was so classy and beautiful. I ran into some old friends at this event and reminisced on old memories. We danced the night away and took some cute photobooth pictures! In the end my feet died because of new heels and it was a blessing in disguise I left a pair of flats in my winter coat. I'm so happy I spent this night with my friends here. We were only missing my best friend who is still in the Czech Republic (xoxo from all of us in Vancouver).

Here are some outfit photos of the night. I blurred out my friends face because I didn't ask them for permission to use their faces on my blog and for privacy reasons.

Sidenote: My ASOS dress did come in time but FML it's too small. I'm going to exchange it for the next size up. I'm not looking forward to that hassle.

Nevertheless, I want to show you my New Years Eve outfit! I'm wearing..

Byran's dress, Zara clutch, Aldo shoes, and not pictured are Forever 21 necklace and ring.

The dresses of my lovely friends! We didn't plan this blue/purple/silvery theme. Our boys had pretty much the same theme going on too by coincidence!

Be gone with regrets, resentment and
mistakes and welcome new opportunities,
greater friendships and changes for 2012.


  1. love your blue dress!! just wondering. . . is ASOS a bitch about returns and exchanges?

  2. You look so beautiful Kerri! The blue and the gold go together so gorgeously. Running into old friends and memories at the start of the New Year makes for a wonderful beginning.

    Best wishes to you :)

  3. Happy New Year Kerri. You looked amazing! Some of my friends went to that event was good times.

    Love that clutch!



  4. Anonymous - i never tried to return anything back to ASOS but it will be my first time

    Lori - thanks =) It was sort of bitter sweet, one friend i ran into was the sister of an ex-friend. The sister was just as sweet as ever but my friendship with my ex-friend was not fixable..

    Jasmine - Thanks for the compliment! Btw, I think we have some common friends and my boyfriend knows you lol. You went to windermere right?


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