Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day Haul 2011

I woke up at 6am and went downtown to Holt Renfrew at 7:15am. There was more sale stuff and there's an extra 10% off from 7am-9am. Nothing on sale caught my fancy. I tried on some Christian Louboutin knee high boots with a chunky heel and square toe box (don't know the name). They were on sale for $889 (from $1475) but too bad they were so hard to take off and they weren't loves. I didn't get them.

I went to the Robson Aritzia because I knew the Pacific Center Aritzia would be packed since it's near a skytrain station. The Robson location was pretty quiet. All the things I wanted before on a wish list weren't really on sale for much because they are classics. Also, I wasn't in a very happy mood so wasn't in the happy mindset to splurge on anything like a new coat/leather jacket. I did walk out with two items. The Wilfred black lace tank for $39.99 (from $75) and the charcoal Wilfred free double knit long sleeve (similar to this photo) for $55 (from $70). The latter purchase wasn't that great of a deal but I wanted it. I'm going to wait for the second cut because there's nothing I really have to have.

I went to Zara next and tried on so many nice pieces (white crochet dress, white crochet top, and various blouses) but it was either too big or too small. I thought I could make it work. In the end I walked out with the oh so popular Zara gold sequin clutch for $35 (from $60) and Zara black patent flats for $20 (from $40).

I went to Brentwood mall as my last stop since I didn't get to make it to Metrotown. My cell phone ran out of batteries because I was rage texting, twittering and bbming so I drained the thing. Since I had a family dinner to go to, I had to make sure I make it home in time. In a way it's good I never made it to Metro, I saved money.

I got a beautiful deep purple strapless satin/chiffon dress for $47 (from $95). It's my back up New Years Eve dress if my ASOS doesn't come in time. I actually love this dress. I'm going to sew a hook and an eye to the back of the dress to help the zipper stay up since the dress barely zips. I usually hate strapless dresses but this one is super duper snug at the top so it doesn't keep on falling.

I bought some Relvon lip glosses on London Drugs. They didn't have any lip butters. I can never find good colours anywhere! GRRRR. But most of the Revlon lip products were $3.99 and there was a buy 2 get 1 free coupon next to the stand.

Pink pop (matte neon pink), Pink pursuit (shimmery peachy pink) and Orchid (shimmery mauve baby pink)

Total purchases = $230. Pretty good for the stuff I bought. The dress and the clutch were my favorite purchases and the most needed purchases.


  1. i'm in love with sequins and that clutch is so cute! very tempting. i hope the snooze you lose sale is way better than the boxing day price cuts. they weren't very good.

  2. I cannot find lip butters anywhere! Ive checked london drugs, shoppers, superstore etc etc Let us know if you find some please

  3. You're really dedicated! I rolled out of bed lazily around 10 am, and by the time I got anywhere it was sooo packed...

  4. You got some great stuff! Too bad the Louboutin's didn't work out.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. I love love love that sequin clutch! It's such a beautiful accessory to add to any outfit.

    I hope your other dress comes soon...but if not I think the dress you picked up is also super cute - where is it from?

    I stopped by Oakridge early in the morning before work - it was pretty empty. I went into Aritzia and, like you, nothing I liked was on "sale." Waiting for the second cut too :)

    Have a good week Kerri!

  6. Anonymous - oh gosh, i've checked Zellers in Brentwood (very little stock but the best I've seen so far), London Drugs in Brentwood (only a dark colour left), Walmart on Grandview hwy (none at all) and Superstore on Rupert (none at all).

    Alyssa - totally excited for the 2nd cut. I'm thinking it's next week. yay! last year I got some really good deals like $55 J brand Agnes skinnys

    xoxoCat - it's all good. you didn't miss much from Holt Renfrew at all and I got there at 7:15am.

    Bonnie - yeah totally sucked. the style wasn't even that "omg its so nice!" either. for $889, I rather buy a pair of CL black classic pumps. Which they did not have in my size in any pump style. Pissed...

    Lori - thanks! I love it too! I was kicking myself when i didn't buy it for full price. But then it was fate I found it on sale. I had to stalk a girl that was holding it and then she put it down when i wasn't looking then I saw her leave Zara clutchless and then I searched the entire store for someone holding it but no luck. I gave up and tried all my clothes then as I walked out I saw a SA holding it and asked her for it and she gave it to me =) There's a dime sized patch with sequins missing. I'm gonna just sew existing sequins (take it from the sides of the clutch) to cover that bare patch. The clutch is super fragile though.

    The dress was from Bryan's! You know that prom/bridal/cheap clothes store in Brentwood mall. There's one in Lougheed mall and use to be one in Metrotown. Well I got it there! everything was 50% off. Most of the dresses (like 95%) were really typical, bubble gummy and or cheap lookign but this one was actually really sophisticated and sexy!

    Did you walk away with anything from Boxing Day at Oakridge?

  7. great pieces. love the lip glosses :)


  8. I hope you're feeling better since the Xmas pressie downer!
    I was Zara too, tried on so much stuff, too much stuff so got overwhelmed n walked out with nothing!
    Also went into Aritzia and NEEEELLY DYED!! It was so packed, so stuffy and the music was so loud.
    Oh god I sound like a grandma

  9. Hi "Elle's friend!" I think I remember you from Nick's birthday party back in February. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Love your boxing day haul, especially the Zara clutch.

    For those of you looking for the lip butters, I have a friend who found them at the Wal-Mart in Queensborough Landing. But be warned, the selection is extremely limited. They're supposed to be released everywhere in January.

  10. Great purchases Kerri :) Hope you had a good holiday!

  11. great lipstick choices, love the middle one.......xx

  12. i would love to have a glitter pouch :D

  13. haha ya everything i want from Aritzia isn't on sale either!! booo. ohh well you still made a really nice haul :D have a great NYE!

  14. I love love love that purple dress!


  15. I love those lip gloss colours!!! They look great!

  16. Oooh, such gorgeous things, I'm jealous! That sequin clutch is amazing. <3


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