Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jimmy Choo flats

Holt Renfrew up to 40% off sale on seasonal items started on Dec 2, 2011 to Dec 24, 2011. Obviously the first day is the best day (if you didn't have the chance to pre-sell anything the day before). I showed up when Holt Renfrew opened. I walked away with one pair of shoes.

I bought something from Jimmy Choo.

Great sale! That was more than 40% off.

I got these babies! They are so comfy. I'm so glad my friend spotted these for me and snatched them up to show me.

They have great rubbery grip on the soles. The elastic hem around the shoe is very comfortable!

I love the pewter colour and the snakeskin cap toe the most!

Great buy. See you next time Holt Renfrew..until boxing day.

I was going to buy these Valentino rosette flats. I couldn't buy them on the first day because the left shoe of the pair was missing. It's sort of funny because you expect the display to be missing but it was the one in storage that was missing haha. The sales associate couldn't locate the shoe until the next day. I went in. I tried on the Valentinos. But something was off. It didn't scream: "BUY ME BECAUSE I'M SO WORTH IT AND AWESOME!". The shoe, no doubt, was a work of art. It was a beauty to look at. There's no copycats of the Valentino lace mesh shoes out yet by designers (that I know of). So finding another lace flat of this detail and quality is non existent at the moment.

So I passed due to lack of practicality, the shoe is fragile, and I had that hindsight that I may not have loved it as much as I thought I would . They were 50% from $595 so they were $299. Pretty good deal to me (not in my boyfriend's mind but who really cares about that right? haha).

The rosette on my right foot is a little messed up.


  1. Great choice! Jimmy Choos are luxurious. Was there a decent selection? Any Louboutins?! I didn't get a chance to go because of school, but I'll probably pay Holts a visit on Boxing Day...

  2. whoa thats a steal! Do you happen to know whether its all the holts across canada doing the sale?

  3. no loubs this time around. there was a decent selection on the first day. i went back today and everything nice was gone. everything on the sale rack was 40-50% off. i'll probably be there first thing in the morning at boxing day as well. maybe i'll bump into you =)

  4. jessica - yes! i know the sale is across Canada

  5. You got them for such a good price, I always make the mistake of paying full price for designer shoes because I love them so much when I'm caught in the moment. I'll probably pay holts a visit on boxing day!

  6. crayola actually - i'm always on the look out for deals. but when there are some things that will never go on sale like certain classics for a certain brand - that's when i will pay the money for them =)

  7. congrats! those jimmy choos are gorgeous AND for a great price :)

  8. Cute shoes! Glad I found your blog- new follower :)

  9. I like the Jimmy Choos a lot more than the Valentino flats, actually. Plus, they look comfy.

  10. Thank you Yini Zuo, Chris and Rites of Beauty =)

    I didn't feel bad at all walking away from the Valentinos. It means I didn't want them that much deep down inside.

  11. Super cute flats! Love it when Holts has their sales!!!
    Bella xo

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