Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review: Stila Dream in Full colour palette

So I received my Stila palette a while ago. I've been using it and so far I really like it. The set comes with the palette, a smudge proof water proof eye liner in stingray and a look book that teaches you how to do some eye shadow looks.

There are 29 eye shadows and 7 blushes. The design of the palette is supposed to look like a dream catcher with a kaleidoscope of colours.


- lots of colours for neutral day looks to very bold night time looks
- eye shadows are pigmented and either matte/metallic
- eye shadow colour kitten is great for highlighting
- blush colour sizzle is great for contouring check bones
- eye liner is very black and lasts for a long time
- price point is low $39USD or about $50 CAD so it's a great deal


- the palette itself is hard to open because the opening hinge is very tight
- to get the kohl eye liner to come out more you have to twist it (it wasn't very obvious for me in the first place but just keep on twisting it and it comes up!)
- the two light pink blushes are not very usable because it's too light for me

Inside the little booklet.


Steps for the dreamcatcher look with purples and plum hues.

I've already used the palette so it isn't super new since as you can tell by some of the product getting onto the dividers.

The size comparison of the eyeshadows. The palette itself has a diameter of 8 inches.

The eye liner in stingray. It's a great dark dark black but it has a caveat.

Can someone tell me, if they used this eye liner before, if that's all there is for product? This was after 4 uses and I thought an eyeliner would last longer than this.. I can't sharpen it obviously because it's plastic but when I twist it, the product doesn't move up or anything.
Here are some swatches starting from the outer most layer (blushes) to the inner most layers.

edit - so a reader told me I have to twist it way more so product does come out. It's just wasn't so obvious when you twist it in the first place because it twists so loosely. but yay! thanks!

Here are some swatches, starting with the outermost layer - the blushes. All the blushes here are matte. I'm not a fan of sparkly/glittery blushes but the blushes with a hint of shimmer I can stand.

left to right: sizzle, coral, cozy, raspberry, tickle, bud, and fairy

The second layer are eye shadows that are mostly for highlighting below brow bone. All of these have a metallicy icy tone.
left to right: oasis, mirage, rosie, dreamcatcher, twilight, fable, and imagine

The third layer are eyeshadows that are mostly used for highlighting the inner corners of lids/eyes and for the deep creases of your eyes. Most of these are metallic but some are matte shades.
left to right: dream, copper, reverie, wisteria, sky blue, infinite, and lottery

The fourth layer are eye shadows that are for the lids and creases. Most of the shades are metallic as well.
left to right: peace, twig, whimsy, supernatural, stargaze, espresso, and muse.

The fifth layer of eyeshadows are for the lids and the outer v of your eyes. Most of these are matte shades except the matte ones with glitter.
left to right: surreal, vision (glitter), cassis, inspire, ebony, delight (glitter), mystical (glitter) and kitten which is in the middle of the palette.

I think my camera doesn't take enough high quality photos so all the eye shadows appear to be alike but they are not.


  1. you gave up twisting it way too easily! keep on twisting, it's so you don't put have too much product

  2. also, the package states you have .28 g!

  3. omg thank you! yeah i gave up twisting it too easily lol. there isn't any tension that builds up when u twist it to make it obvious that more product can come out.

  4. OMGOSH that is so neat! you have to give stilla high five for ingenuity.. that packaging is amazing.. all the different lotus petals are a different color.. i can't believe that that is so cool!

  5. Lisa - i agree, the packaging is so beautiful! it does look more like a lotus flower than a dream catcher to me

  6. It's so hard to get palettes with a good selection of matte shades, but this looks great!

  7. Thank you Kerri!! I went to the site to buy it but unfortunately the site was down so I have to wait until I get up in the morning or something lol. For only $40, I can give a shot and hope that it fits well!

  8. thanks for sharing! this review was very helpful since i'm getting of gifting this to a friend for xmas. xx

  9. cryskay - no problem! i'm glad i was of help =)


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