Thursday, December 22, 2011

Outfit of the Day - similar looks

I'm glad I got so many positive reviews for my previous post. I may consider doing another one because it was so well received. There's 3 more days till Christmas. I'm so glad the malls are open later so I managed to finish my Christmas shopping.

I went to a smaller mall near my house one day after work to get two more gifts. I also kept in mind to look for a second back up New Years dress for my back up New Years dress (purple one) in case it didn't come in time. I'm so picky about dresses and I like unique ones.

Here's what I wore to do Christmas shopping

Talula Babaton Howell peacoat, Forever 21 leggings, Banana Republic scarf and flats and Balenciaga bag.

Here's a dress I tried on. I love the concept of this dress: White, sparkly, shift dress, sheer sleeves. However, I did not love this particular dress. The cut of the dress was really unflattering (not form fitting) and there was a puff sleeve that made my shoulders look boxy. Basically, I was swimming in it. I tried on the smallest size too. Bummer. It would make a good #2 dress if this dress was made better.

See the pretty detailing?

Then today I went to the mall again to get some Pinkberry after eating dinner with my boyfriend. I didn't buy anything at the mall. Just did a little research of some things I want for Boxing Day and Christmas.

This what I wore:

Talula Babaton Howell peacoat, Forever 21 faux leather/knit leggings, Banana Republic scarf, Jimmy Choo flats and Balenciaga bag.

Pretty much the same idea as the day before but I wore different sweaters which you can't even see. I love my new fox tail. My boyfriend thinks it's actually cute. Usually all the eccentric things I like, he thinks looks weird.

I getting a haircut on Friday (finally!). My last haircut was in Easter. It's really growing out and I've lost my layers. I'm parting my hair in the middle because I want to try out the Kardashian hair style. They part their hair in the middle with long bangs and wavy hair. My hair is naturally very big and wavy so I think it will be a good look.


  1. I look forward to seeing your new haircut. Take pictures for us :)

    & it's nice that your bf likes the fox tail, mine would totally give me one of these looks: O_o Lol. I almost bought one the other day and then I thought of his reaction to seeing it in my head (along with my dad's) and figured I should save my money. hahah


  2. Ooooh like your scarf! I saw one like that in Armani Exchange that I should have bought... maybe they will still have it?
    That dress looks super cute on you :)
    Happy Holidays!!
    Bella xox

  3. Love that dress! The detailing is amazing. I can see it being worn to so many events.

    I have also nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. I hope you accept. The rules are on my blog. Basically it's to recognize bloggers that are just starting out in the bloggosphere.



  4. Looking forward to seeing your new hair too! Looks cute so far :) Mine is parted in the middle and growing out too but I always need to style it cause my hair is naturally flat and straight :(

  5. Where was the 2nd white dress from?

  6. hey the white dress was from suzy sheir. i went to the Brentwood location. no one goes to that mall LOL. so lots of small sizes


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