Thursday, December 8, 2011

Celebrity Outfit Inspirations #2

Here are some of celebrity fashion inspirations:

I may want to try a lighter pair of shorts (perhaps a shade of grey or tweed) with black tights and black shoes. I'm so against denim shorts with black tights/leggings - but that's just me.

I love her accordion pleat skirt! Probably won't try it in yellow but maybe in a black, navy blue or beige colour instead.

Love the pleather pants/leggings look. She looks so good even thought she popped out a baby! I still have to get my 7FAM skinnys from Pt Roberts.. ughhh.


  1. Love the blush pink sweater in the first pic! And Taylor's yellow pleated skirt is fabulous! Great inspirational photos!:)
    Bella xo

  2. I love Taylor's look, the yellow skirt and red shoes :)
    I'm just starting to get into the shorts with tights, but she looks great.



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