Sunday, December 4, 2011


I signed up for Twitter! I thought it be more fun for readers (who don't know me at all or have me on Facebook) to get to know me a bit more personally and see what I do and think on the regular. When I read other fashion blogs, I found them more interesting when the blogger's talk about their personal life too. It makes them more relatable.

I may tweet mundane things so I hope you don't have high standards haha. Also, I'm new with twitter and I don't really have the lingo 100% down yet. I've added a "Tweet Updates" box on the right column of my blog as a short cut. Follow me at Hello_Kerri and I will follow you back. I promise you great food pictures!

Also, I do have a Formspring account where you can ask me anything you want anonymously. I've got some really good advice and comments. I really enjoy reading them. Criticism is welcome as well. If you don't want to ask me anything, you can read what others have asked me. ...Anything to help me improve this hobby I enjoy.


  1. Can I say your twitter name in a creepy Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs voice?xD

  2. haha you are too funny. i never thought about it that way.. i was thinking on the lines of hello kitty =)


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