Sunday, December 11, 2011

I went to Seattle

Saturday I went down to the States to do a little shopping. I went to the Premium Outlet, Pike Public Market, Nordstrom Downtown, and Forever 21 downtown.

I spent most of my time at the Seattle Pike Public Market. It's like Granville Island back home and I love buying treats to eat. I was here for lunch and dinner.

Sweet treats at Le Painer. I bought the meringue puffs (top shelf) and a chocolate almond paste croissant to eat (not pictured). They also had savory snacks to eat like sandwich baguettes and quiches that I want to come back to try. The pastries were really cheap from $1.50 for the meringue puff to $3.75 for the tarts down below.

I wanted to try their macaroons as well. I bought the pistachio, raspberry and lemon. The macaroons were okay but not comparable to the Thierry ones in downtown Vancouver which are more lighter and not as sweet.

This was at the Michou bakery and deli. They had giant baked potatoes, big gormet sandwiches and lots of take away savory meals.

I bought a risotto ball filled with cheese and a chicken mediterrean sandwich with artichoke, tomato, and mozzarella cheese goodness.

I went to this Russian bakery. I bought a few savory baked snacks for dinner like their potato and cheese pastry, ham & cheese & broccoli pastry and a cabbage pastry and a smoked salmon & pate pastry. I couldn't take any photos because the place was really small and cramped.

Weird vegetable things.

The white flowers belong in the cabbage family.

I went to Nordstrom on the hunt for Christian Louboutin heels. The selection here sucked. The only pairs of pumps they have were minimal and they were all really eccentric heels. I saw these black suede bow Prada flats on sale foe $232 USD. I tried them on but for some reason, Prada flats look weird on me. They make my feet look really fat and not sleek at all. So I passed on them.

I'll do a haul post soon about the stuff I bought during this trip because I'm not home at the moment and all my stuff is scattered either in the trunk, my house and my boyfriend's house.

Here's what I wore that day:

H&M peacoat, J Brand jeggings, Burberry scarf, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and Forever 21 booties


  1. I'd kill for some baked goods from Piroshky right now ><

  2. OMG me too! There's some place in the Post Alley that served soup on bread bowls. I wanted to try that as well but my stomach told me to stop eating lol

  3. Ugh, your food pics are making me hungry!

    Sorry to hear that the selection at Nordies sucked. Did you try Barneys and Neiman's?

  4. I definitely didn't have time to go to Bellevue for Neiman Marcus because I spent about 4 hours in Seattle downtown lol -_-. Also my parking was running out of time so I didn't have a chance to go to Barneys =(

  5. Haha aw, the downside of shopping with the bf.. when he starts getting tired and you can't get any shopping done.

    Looking forward to your haul post! :)

  6. I only spent $110USD...but I got some great things =) I gathered up all my stuff and realize my bf has one more thing of mine ughhhh. incomplete haul post soon lol

  7. Have you tried Thomas Haas in Kits for Macarons? it's no Laduree but it's closer xD
    We're going down to Seattle again this weekend to try out more food from Pike Place Market!

  8. I have tried the Thomas Haas macaroons. The seattle ones aren't as good as those either. I think i like the Thierry ones a bit more than the Thomas Haas but they are both good =)

    Have fun on your shopping trip Macnunu!

  9. Yum! I love Pike Place Mkt. I went to La Panier & Piroshky Piroshky during my last visit to Seattle as well. Please tell me you went to Beecher's and had their amazing Mac and Cheese!

  10. Hope your shopping trip down in Seattle was a success! ALl those baked goods look so yummy! :)


  11. beautiful pics!!!amazing blog!!! i'm following you!!if you like mine,do the same!!!

  12. I really miss the Pike Public Market - it's been so long since I've been down! Great pictures - all the food looks so tasty :)
    I can't wait for the post about your haul!!!

  13. elaine - oh man i was so full after so couldn't buy anything at Beecher's! it was all because of your blog post i wanted to go down to the pike public market so thank you! I wanted to go to trader joes as well but i ran out of time =(

    Rosalia and Lori - thanks! I will post it soon. i'm missing one of my items but i guess i'll make the post without it haha.

    Sabrina - i'm following you now =)

  14. Looks like you had a lovely trip to Seattle! All the food looks so yummy. :D

    Aww, too bad the Prada bow flats didn't work out for you. They seem to look so cute online. heh. Looking forward to seeing all they you've bought~

  15. yeah the prada flats look so nice online but the toe part of the suede blow flats and the all patent bow flats made my feet look chubby at the toes area. Totally disliked that.

    I bought lots of cheap stuff haha =)

  16. Thanks for sharing the places, pics, and prices! My girlfriends and I are heading down to Seattle next week, so this would be very handy. :)

  17. The adorable pom pom hat has reappeared!

    Please do a makeup organization post. I'd love to see your collection :)

  18. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!


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