Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Xmas shopping and Outfit of the Day

I went to Metrotown to shop for gifts. Ughhh I hate shopping for gifts for people who don't like the same stuff as me. It's so difficult and draining - my head wanted to explode. I was just wandering mindlessly around the mall for 4 hours. Holy crap that's a long time. I got 3 out of 5 people done. The two other people just require gift cards so I'm almost done.

This is what I wore to the mall. Pretty casual.

Forever 21 scarf, Banana Republic sweater, J Brand jeggings in comet, Jimmy Choo flats and Balenciaga city bag in papyrus.

I found a cute fox tail for cheap at Spring $6! My friends call it a feather duster lol.

I also was testing out memory foam pillows like a fool (laying my head on them) in Winners because the ones in the department stores were either non existent or sucked. Man was the line up to pay was long.

Also, yesterday I decided that I didn't like the dress I bought last year to be my New Years Eve dress this year. Great timing.. I know..

The bust needs to be altered bigger and the hips needs to be taken in for me. If anyone in Vancouver wants it, I'm selling it for $35 firm (it's so cheap already so don't lowball me and that's exactly what I paid for) and face trade only. The tag is a US size 4 but it feels like a US size 2 in the bust. It will fit anyone 34B or lower but not any higher. Also the waist fits a size 26 and the hips is about 36 inches. Brand new with tags attached.

Here's my NYE that didn't make the cut for me - that I'm selling:

Here's the dress I ordered last minute on ASOS:

I hope it comes in time. It says it will be delivered on or before Dec 28. That's cutting it close. The material on this one is more stretchy so it will be more forgiving in certain areas. So I went to the mall to try to find a dress but everything was too typical/cheap looking/ugly or hella expensive. I pray that this dress will come in time and will fit my unconventionally shaped body.


  1. Lol I hear yah... it's the worst when you have to find a gift for someone and are unsure of what it is that they will exactly want/like!
    Cute simple outfit! Lovin those flats :)
    Happy Holidays!!
    Bella xox

  2. The purple dress is so pretty! & I'm praying that it will fit you perfectly too! :)

  3. Love your simply chic outfit today :)

    I was at Metro yesterday doing the last bits of my Christmas shopping and yikes was it ever busy! This year I stuck mainly to shopping local boutiques on Main, Granville, Gastown and Union Street in Chinatown - it was nice since it's not as busy and crowded.

    I hope the dress comes on time and fits you properly! The color is lovely! Pictures when it comes please :)

    I recently started up a new blog (my old blog had a few glitches and things that I could not fix). I hope you'll have the time to have a peek! www.ticklemeblush.blogspot.com

    Happy Holidays Kerri!


  4. love the purple dress! great choice.

  5. lol this year i saved the headache of shopping for everyone (my big family) and decided to do gift exchange. lovin the purple dress btw

  6. thanks for all your kind comments =)

    Lori - i will follow your new blog from now on.

  7. Hi Kerri!! Cute dress!! I am going to check out asos! Quick question does asos ship to Canada and is it free shipping? Thank you!


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