Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Gifts over $100

Here are some great gifts to buy your girl friend if you really want to make her Christmas special! Hopefully, your girl friend has the same fashion taste as mine.

1. Mackage Ayumi wool jacket - $550
2. Yves Saint Laurent arty oval ring - $300
3. Tiffany Atlas ring - around $205
4. Hermes clic clac bracelet - around $630
5. Christian Louboutin heels - base pair for $645
6. Salvatore Ferragamo flats - $415
7. Chloe medium sized Paraty bag - about $1900


  1. The "under $100" list was great, but this one has even more drool-worthy items. The clic clac bracelet ... the Chloe Paraty ... Arty oval ring ... sigh!

  2. I love the YSL arty ring!!! I've been eying it for a while but I cannot bring myself to spend that much on a ring as I'm not a ring person because I tend to loose every single one I have ever owned. sighh...


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