Monday, November 28, 2011

Cheap Thrills

I bought some cheapo stuff recently. I didn't think it deserved it's own post. For the ones that were purchased online; some of it arrived in the mail and some of them didn't. So I hope they will meet my expectations.

J Brand Houlihans in Vintage Black for $80 at a sample sale on Granville Street. I bought them so I can wear them in the spring, summer and fall. I always wanted these but I was not willing to pay the retail price for them.

Forever 21 pleather and knit leggings for about $28. I bought these online and I hope they fit because they would be such a great addition to my wardrobe. Aritzia has similar leggings but those are priced higher at $100 something.

I can't wait to get this pleather jacket. It's only $34 and it's so beautiful when I saw it in person. It is such a neutral salmon pink tone. It's more neutral compared to the stock photo (which makes it more bubble gum pink).

These were only $39 I think. They have potential. I just hope they won't cut my legs off and make me look stumpy - that's my problem with ankle booties since I'm not that tall to begin with (about 5"4). Can't wait to receive these in the mail as well.

I'm so sad. The House of Holland suspender tights I bought from ASOS are way too big at the ankles. One size fits all my ass.. Grr.. Oh wells, I'll probably give them to a friend. I received my Stila make up palette and I've been using it already. I'll do a review once I get around to my missing digital camera charger predicament (plus I lost my house/car keys - seriously FML what is wrong with me) and maybe when there's daylight out.

I also wanted to add a few more things to my Christmas wish list as well. I've been eyeing to upgrade my leather jacket to one that has a collar (like the Mackage Kenya or Greta). The styles of my Mackage sophia and Jerry jackets ("bomber" jackets) are not really in style anymore in my opinion. I'll probably sell those off soon.

Also, I've got a new set up for my make up. I've acquired these clear tiered display cases from work and I thought they be great to display my beauty products on. My work was going to throw them out in the first place but I saved them and gave them a new purpose. I'll do a post on that soon as well.


  1. I've been stalking those same pleather leggings from F21 but they are forever out of my size!

  2. Those F21 leggings look like these Club Monaco ones I've been lusting after but wayy better price. Be sure to post pics!

    xo, alison*elle

  3. I bought the same F21 leggings! Wow... I'm glad I got my size before they sold out. I really like them and the small fit me :)

  4. I like all of these. Can't wait to see the fit reviews :)

  5. I love those F21 leggings and shoes. I was contemplating getting those booties on cyber monday but decided against it since I have so many pairs of black ankle boots. I think they will look awesome on you! And that's a shame about the jacket. I bought mine instore so they were fine.



  6. Janet - we have such similar tastes! that's so awesome.

  7. OMGGGGG there was a sample same for j brand cargo pants? damn!

  8. what's the price of the ankle booties ?where to buy them?


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